3 Ways To Boost The Security Of Your Small Business


Protecting assets and safety of employees should be a top priority in business, no matter the size. Burglaries and cybercrime often hit the headlines and almost every time, business premises are the victim. Small businesses face a greater risk of a security breach but there is so much you can do to prevent the incidences. One security measure is not enough to completely secure your business. It can be of great help against one threat than another. This is why you need to implement several different types of security measures working together. Here are three ways to improve the security of your small business.

1. Install a robust access control system.

Access control systems are designed to keep businesses secure by prohibiting unauthorized entry. These systems have different identification processes such as mobile access identification, proximity identification, smart card identification, and biometric identification.

Proximity identification is a system which requires a proximity card to allow access in a certain area. With this system, specific entry areas of your business will be installed with an electronic reader, which will require an encoded number from a proximity card to allow entry or exit. The smart card identification system works the same as the proximity identification except this one uses an integrated circuit embedded in a plastic card. The card usually resembles a credit card.

The biometric identification system, on the other hand, allows entry into a particular area after evaluating the biological traits of a person. The system can identify and differentiate fingerprints, retina and iris patterns, hand geometries, DNA and even voice waves.

The robust access technology can ensure only authorized persons are able to gain entry in your business facility.

2. Install a video surveillance system.

Video surveillance systems are one of the easiest ways of deterring theft and vandalism in and around your business. With this type of security measure, you can be able to monitor everything going on in and around your business.

There are very many different types of cameras that can be used for video surveillance. Some of the most popular ones include box cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras and bullet cameras. You can always find them on camera and video shops. However, here are some good quality security cameras for business that you can find online. Some of those cameras can even deliver live footage straight to your mobile phone.

Many small business owners do not see the need for video surveillance systems. But they are not only important in deterring thieves, but they can also help you tackle the issue of petty theft by staff.

3. Employee training.

Employee involvement is very important as part of a security measure. Training for security professionals will help employees develop a better understanding of the potential threats they face and how they should respond. This can go a long way in protecting your assets as well as the safety of your employees in case of an attack.

Business owners need to take security very seriously and invest as much as they can to secure their businesses. It is evident that small businesses are more of a target. By adding a few more security measures to your existing ones you will be able to fend off extra threats that may be facing your business.


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