3 Ways To Make Sure Your Property Sells


When you finally put your home on the market to sell, you will have been considering the idea for a while. It’s unlikely that you will have chosen to do this overnight. Therefore, you are going to want the process to go quickly, as it has already taken up a lot of your life and you will feel as though you want to move on, both literally and figuratively.

In that case, making sure that your property sells, and sells quickly if possible, is important. All of the time and effort put into selling a home, or trying to sell it, will be wasted, however, if you don’t carry out a few important tasks first.

Make It Look Good Online

Most, if not all, real-estate agents utilize the internet to help sell the properties on their books, and if you want to move home, then you have probably already searched the property portals. This is great, as it opens up your home to many more potential buyers, but it is hugely important to present an effective online advert (that’s what it is when you boil it down), because first impressions truly count.

The photos are the first point to consider. Make sure that they show your home looking at its best. Have the photos taken at a time of day when the lighting is good, and if it is a rainy, dark day then postpone the photos until a brighter day. Take a photo of every room so that potential buyers have all the information that they need.

To give potential buyers even more information, make sure that your ad includes a house plan. This will show people the size of the rooms and the layout of the house, enabling them to get a better idea of what it would be like to live there. To find out what a house plan is, see this website.

Have Good Curb Appeal

Making sure that your property has ‘curb appeal’ is also important. When someone pulls up outside your home, what do they see? Is it neat and tidy, is the door well maintained? Are the paths swept? Or does your property look unloved and run down? Is the front yard a mess? Is the paint on the door peeling?

Take an objective look at the outside of your house and consider what a potential buyer would be seeing as they arrive. Would it make them feel welcome and excited to see more, or would it make them wonder if the rest of the property is just as badly maintained? For a buyer, seeing that a lot of work would need to be done is off putting, and for a seller it can mean a lower price is offered, if anything is offered at all.

Define The Rooms

If a potential buyer comes into your home and they can’t work out what each room might be used for, this can make it hard for them to choose to buy it. They won’t be sure that they can make the best use of the house. Therefore, it makes sense for you to define each room. This might mean rearranging your home, packing some items away and storing them, and moving furniture. Make sure, for example, that each bedroom is set up as a bedroom, or that you turn one into a study to show how versatile your home is. If you have a second reception room, use it as a dining room—you can borrow a table and chairs to illustrate this.


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