4 Smart Apps to Keep Civil Engineers Focused


In your work, you need to cooperate with your peers, bosses and co-workers in order to solve some of the most complex problems that exist in transportation throughways and infrastructure. After all, it takes many minds to put together plans to map out a new road or toll bridge that can be seamlessly integrated in an already cramped roadmap. During those short periods of time that you are able to forget about pending deadlines, it is important that you recharge and focus your mind on upcoming projects. Whether you hail from Ohio University or went to school in a foreign country, these four phone apps will make the day go by faster, aid you in relaxing, and help your job become easier than ever before.

1. Brain.FM

There are three distinct settings in Brain.FM that users can select to aid them in accomplishing their individual goals. For users working on a masters degree in civil engineering, the study setting is appropriate in Brain.FM. By combining a variety of sounds and instrumental tracks, users of this application are able to pretty much forget about everything that is not right in front of them. Choose the length of time you plan to study, sleep or meditate, then put on a pair of headphones and let Brain.FM do all the work.

2. Focus Booster

When engaging in any activity that requires immense levels of focus, you have to stop and give yourself breaks periodically. This applies whether you are drafting plans for the construction of a new bridge or still in the midst of earning an online civil engineering masters degree. Focus Booster is an application that you can take literally anywhere, allowing users to predetermine the amount of time they want to focus on work, study, or research. Because Focus Booster doesn’t require a lot of space on your screen, you can easily integrate it into whatever mobile device you’re using to get your work done. As soon as the timer goes off, you’re free to take a break and then get right back to being focused.

3. Cold Turkey

If getting distracted is a major issue for you, try going Cold Turkey. This program pretty much makes it impossible for you to do anything other than what you’re supposed to, so you can practice until you’re able to control your own impulses. Do you have a habit of watching YouTube videos when you should really be studying for your upcoming calculus test? Program Cold Turkey to block video-based websites like YouTube and you will have no choice but to put pencil to paper.

4. Evernote

When you really want to get something done, you may be able to find inspiration in almost everything that you come across. From images of labeled diagrams to voice files and research papers, you can ‘pin’ whatever you want to your Evernote projects, and then reference them whenever your brain needs a boost. The best part of Evernote is that you can literally pass notes around, giving specific users access to your projects for easily collaboration.

You may find that you are more productive when you are able to find somewhere quiet to take naps on your breaks, or you might really be energized when others work with you on projects. As a civil engineer, it’s smart for you to find what works for you personally and then to stick to it. With the four above-mentioned apps, you will easily find a focus method that helps you to stay sharp.



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