5 Creative Tips to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out


Attending trade shows isn’t cheap. But you could get masses for your money – provided you do it right. One of the easiest ways to make a great impression at a trade show and deliver excellent ROI is to focus on your trade show booth. Whatever your budget, you can create something special with just a little thought and forward-planning. Not sure? Try these tips for a start.


  1. Look at Location

You know the old saying; “location, location, location”. Well, it turns out to be as true at a trade show as it is on the high street. Look into the location of booths in advance. You’ll probably have to pay more but this can be a good investment. And you’ll need to book in advance because the best spots inevitably sell out fast.


  1. Go for Colour

You don’t have to provide a full-on neon experience but a trade show booth is also not the place for muted colours or black and white décor. Add Roller Banners with important information in bright colours that match your company’s brand and products. Organise Roller Banner Printing from a company that offers top-quality materials and ink so that colours stand out from the crowd.


  1. Make it Approachable

Try to think about how people feel when they see your display booth. Do they feel welcomed and eager to find out more? Or is it too intimidating, or unappealing? Professional attendants on the stand are a must – people who can draw attendees in with a friendly smile and plenty of insider knowledge. You also need a variety of display options including banners, written materials, and visual displays on tablets or screens.


  1. Highlight Show Specials

Attendees like to know they are getting something special if they visit your booth at this particular event. Make sure that you highlight the special promotions or offers that are only available at this event. And all information on the display needs to be relevant and tailored to the event in question.


  1. Consider Refreshments

Bottles of water and snacks should be carefully branded in order to be in line with your company and your marketing objectives. But everyone needs refreshments, so this can be a great way to get your brand noticed throughout the event.


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