5 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets For Effective Campaigns


Despite the popularization of digital advertising, direct mail marketing campaigns still drive conversions for businesses in many industries. For this reason, successful marketing teams strive to create persuasive materials for direct mail campaigns to increase conversions and sales. As a marketing professional yourself, you know how difficult it can be to design intriguing direct mail packages. Despite the level of difficulty, quality materials are crucial for campaign success. If you are struggling to design persuasive materials and launch campaigns effectively, read this post on the best direct mail marketing secrets.

Provide Authentic Testimonials

Firstly, provide your target audience with authentic testimonials to launch effective campaigns. Audiences want to know how their fellow consumers feel about products before making a purchase themselves. Include authentic testimonials in direct mail marketing materials to supply consumers with the information they want. Keep in mind that this is not the only benefit that authentic testimonials offer teams. Testimonials also show consumers how your items differ from your competitors’. Create persuasive materials by using this direct mail marketing campaign secret.

Use Color To Attract Consumers

Another secret to keep in mind when building a direct mail marketing campaign is to use color to attract consumers. The key to using color in your advertisements is to not overdo it. You want your audience to notice your letters, brochures and packages among their other mail. However, you do not want to overwhelm them or give them the wrong impression of your brand. Consider using subtle colors if you sell more serious products or offer professional services. Some businesses purchase brightly colored envelopes from EnvelopeSuperstore.com to achieve an energetic response from consumers. Use colors wisely to attract consumers in your direct mail marketing campaigns effectively.

Personalize Mail With VDP

Furthermore, personalize your mail with variable data printing (VDP). This little-known direct mail marketing secret enables marketers to alter their designs based on the consumer. The process particularly benefits marketing teams with thousands of consumers on their mailing lists. This tactic allows you to personalize materials no matter how large your mailing list is. More so, you can customize your outgoing mail fast. Marketing teams use variable data printing to alter the text, color and images in their materials quickly. Take advantage of this direct mail secret to make your prospective customers feel recognized without wasting your valuable time.

Follow The 40/40/20 Rule

Consider following the 40/40/20 direct mail marketing rule as well. This rule lays out a foundation for success. It states that forty percent of your success is influenced by your audience. You need to target the right audience in order to achieve success. Another forty percent of your campaign’s success rate depends on your offer. If you offer your audience a deal that is irrelevant to them and their needs, you will not drive conversions. The final element that directly impacts your campaign’s success is creativity. This portion includes design elements such as graphics and format. The look, feel and attractiveness of your email offer can significantly improve your campaign. Keep these factors in mind when developing direct mail marketing campaigns to ensure that they are effective.

Track Engagement

In addition to the above direct mail marketing campaign secrets, successful marketers also track engagement. This step is crucial for marketers to determine which campaigns were successful and which ones were not. After a successful mailing campaign, consumers usually interact with businesses that they want to purchase items from. When consumers engage with your brand after you launch a campaign, it shows that your campaign performed well. A great way to track engagement is to include your company’s social media handles in your materials. Keep a record of how many followers you gain, direct messages you receive and comments you get from each direct mail marketing campaign. Then, you can continue to launch effective ones for your business.

Even in today’s high-tech world, direct mail marketing continues to earn businesses profits. In order to launch an effective direct mail campaign, include authentic testimonials in your advertising materials. Use color in your marketing products to attract consumers as well. Personalize your mail efficiently using a process known as “variable data printing”. Use the 40% audience, 40% offer and 20% creativity rule to maintain the right mindset when building campaigns. Finally, track the amount of engagement during your campaigns by including forms of communication in your direct mail materials. Keep these direct mail marketing secrets in mind to increase your reach and sales with each campaign.


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