5 Fusion to Host James Beard Benefit Dinner on Monday, February 4


Celebrate “America’s Culinary Melting Pot” with Chef Joe Kim

On February 4, 5 Fusion and Sushi Bar is pleased to host another James Beard Foundation (JBF) benefit dinner, raising funds for the JBF Impact Program.  These funds are committed to establishing a more sustainable food system through education, advocacy and thought leadership.

From Chef Joe Kim:  “More than any other nation in the world, the United States was founded and grew as a cultural melting pot. It is food, above all other aspects of cultural heritage, which represents Americans’ ties to their ancestral roots.  At 5 Fusion and Sushi Bar, we are proud to nurture an understanding of unfamiliar cultures through the food we serve and share.”

Chef Kim has prepared a meal that blends the cuisines of Korea, Japan, China and India with those of Britain, France, Russia and Mexico.  What could be more American than that?

The Menu

Pocket Snacks
King crab bao (sweet seafood in a steamed bun)
Shepherd’s pie gyoza (an English favorite in pot stickers)
Turkey & cranberry pierogi (the best kind of Russian collusion)

Japanese hamachi and suzuki  marinated in effervescent Korean pear and juice

Kimchi-style Cabbage Soup
A velouté of scorched savoy cabbage with smoked kimchi purée

One-Plate Kaiseski
Suzuki (striped bass), raw, fried, grilled and cured

Indian Butter Chicken
Chicken roulade with onion, potato and radish, Indian spices

A mole of cashews, chocolate and fois gras, served with Oregon Iberico pork and chicatana (Mexican flying ants)

Mapo Chicken
Squab served with Szechuan-style tofu and fermented black beans

Mom’s Bundt Cake
Baked in a mold with chocolate, sesame and espresso.  As a child, Chef Joe looked forward to this European specialty for every birthday.

The price for the full menu is $150 per person, with an additional $30 for wine pairings.  For reservations, please call 541-323-2328.




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