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Regardless of whether you’re managing a website for electro-magnetic conductors, vacuum cleaners or Vegas games you have competitors. To achieve the best sales performance you need to market your product or service. Today the most effective form of marketing involves an online presence.

There are plenty of online techniques that you can use to market online for free but the more serious you are about your promotional campaign, the more serious you need to be about investing in marketing your business.

Today there are numerous online tools that you can use to market online. Some are more expensive than others and some are more productive than others.  To conduct an effective promotional campaign you should test out different types of marketing tools and techniques and track the results to find out which ones work for you.

Some of the most highly recommended tools include the following:

Email Marketing

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that allows you to build lists of your contacts and send them targeted emails whenever you want. With a Constant Contact account you’ll be able to  send emails that reach your prospective clients’ inboxes so you can tell them about your upcoming deals, new products and other company updates.

You can divide contacts into lists and then send different emails to each list — for instance, you can keep a list of past clients and send those people specific updates about old products, lists that divide up people by location to keep individuals in specific regions notified about events or promotions that are happening in their area, lists that identify people by age or sex, etc. One person might appear on several lists so that person can receive emails that are targeted to people living in the East, women over the age of 50, fathers, etc.

Constant Contact offers dozens of letter templates that include the ability to send images, links to videos and external websites, etc. You can also create your own template with your logo and your banner so that all of your emails look similar and allow you to “brand” your look.

Every emailer that you send is updated with statistics so you can see what percentage of the people to whom you sent the newsletter  opened it or clicked on the links. Then, for instance, if you want to send a follow-up email about the same subject, you can download the list of emails of the individuals that opened your first newsletter and send the follow-up emailer only to those who opened the original.

Direct email advertising is a powerful tool and one that allows you to make personal contact with your potential clients.


It’s expensive to hire a graphic designer but ignoring the importance of a good, clean image on your promotional materials is a big mistake. Canva is the answer. Canva gives you the tools to create a simple, professional-looking graphic using your choice of imagery, colors, font and arrangements.

Canva makes it easy to create that graphic image that you want. Everything is drag and drop with options to upload your own images into the template. You get different sizes and font options, adjustments for filters like tints and brightness, multiple background and font colors, options to overlay the font on top of an image and more.

Content Market

For content marketing Buzzsumo is a content marketer’s dream come true. Buzzsumo tells you what’s trending, helps you analyze effective headlines, lets you to find the shared content on topics of interest to your business, filter according to types of content (blogs, infographics), identify “influencers” and “monitors,” etc.

You’ll be able to  get insight on what’s working for your competitors on social media and in the blogsphere. You receive comprehensive backlink and influencer insights and comprehensive reports that lead you to a strategy that will break through the digital clutter.

As opposed to a general search engine search you’ll be able to:

  • Search multiple words.
  • Exclude words or domains from a query.
  • Find exact phrases.
  • Refine domain searches by topic.
  • Search by domain or URL.
  • Search for multiple domains.
  • Find content by author name.
  • View links shared by Twitter user(s).
  • Cuts the clutter of search results that don’t actually apply to what you’re looking for.
  • Save a LOT of time.

Site Speed

Site speed is a crucial part of building a website. Statistics say that if a site doesn’t load in a few seconds, web surfers will start looking elsewhere. Not only that but a slow-loading site may be penalized by the search engines which will lower your ranking and make it harder for potential visitors to find you.  That’s why you need to make sure that your site loads as quickly as possible and that you can navigate from one page to the next in seconds.

Pingdom tests your website speed to let you know how you’re doing and how to do better. You receive a free report that analyzes your site’s speed and gives you tips on how you can improve your speed.

The initial report is free but you can purchase a full-time monitoring package to make sure that your site is running at optimal speed and efficiency 24/7.

Keyword Analysis

Ahrefs is a one-stop analysis SEO tool that tracks your site’s keyword performance, measures social metrics, analyzes content, performs backlink analysis, explores trending content, does keyword research and measures your keyword positions.


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