5 Steps to Launching Your Project Management Career


All the most eminent business entities you see out there are successful because they have very effective and efficient organization within their company, and that is the main job of a project manager, to establish organization within the company by knowing how to allocate resources and manpower, and by delivering best results out of projects that are given to them. There are numerous legal entities that need such people, both private and public, but there are also numerous individuals out there who are qualified for the job. By being in this blog tells us that you want to be on the top, so we’re here to deliver the five simple steps on how to level-up your career as a project manager.

STEP 1: Having the right college degree.

Often than not, most hired project managers have college degrees relating to business and management courses. It depends on your bachelor’s degree what type of company you’ll mostly get accepted into.

STEP 2: Choose a specialization where you will focus all your effort at.

For example, you graduated with courses related to Information and Technology, you’ll likely to be accepted by companies in the technology sector. If such thing happened, do your best in your area of specialty as a project manager. Learn how your company works, know your responsibilities and do them well, and go beyond what is expected from you.

STEP 3: Develop and adopt the traits needed to be successful in this career.

A project manager can come from any different college degrees, but what’s really important is you have the traits and characteristics required for you to be successful in this career. Ability to manage time and projects, have leadership skills that can establish good relationships, ability to work under pressure, can handle all roles and tasks assigned, and can manage a large number of people to do certain tasks.

STEP 4: Experience is key, so get out and do it yourself.

Involve yourself in the ins and outs of the company you’re going to work for. Don’t just order someone to do your bidding, go do things yourself especially if you’re a newbie in the industry. Learn everything about your company and use the knowledge to make better decisions as the project manager. Experience is the main key for good leadership and for making the best possible decisions.

STEP 5: Attend seminars and aim to earn certifications and recognitions as much as possible.

Know what types of certificates does your company give to its exemplary employees and aim to attain many of these for the sake of broadening and making your portfolio attractive to any employer. Also attend seminars that you think will develop your skills as a project manager, any company will be delighted in having a project manager with many knowledge and accomplishments.

Learn from an expert in this area, introducing Brian Setencich:

Brian Setencich is a former basketball player and now manages projects for First Service Residential.  First Service Residential focuses on community residential and commercial property management. He’s rich with numerous experiences that came from holding the position of project manager for several years in many different companies, both commercial and government. He graduated as Summa Cum Laude in his college degree of Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management. He’s an active volunteer of fundraisers for children’s hospitals and a volunteer animal rescuer. In an interview conducted, he shared his stories, experiences and mastery of being a project manager for so long. He told the secrets of becoming successful in this type of career.


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