5 Tips for Choosing the Best Business SMS Provider


While it can be tempting to simply choose a business SMS provider on the grounds of cost alone, it is careless to do so.

There are a number of factors which any business owner should consider when opting for the best provider. As this is a competitive market, companies will naturally excel in some departments when compared to others. When it comes to identifying the pros and cons of SMS providers, sites such as SMS Comparison can really take the hassle out of doing it manually.

What should be looking for when choosing the right company for our business SMS needs?

Pricing – Rather than focusing on the price of the bundle or each individual text you send, you should also consider the other fees involved. Subscription costs, set-up fees, taxes, and other charges can have an effect on your budget, so ensure you don’t get stung by reading through the terms and conditions before you buy.

As the industry is competitive, you may have scope for negotiating special prices or discounts on the basis of your company’s size. If the SMS outfit believes that there is potential for a lasting relationship, you could save some money.

Delivery rate – An seasoned and professional business SMS outfit should guarantee successful delivery rates, so it often best to go one with a proven track record and existing relationships with networks and aggregators.

To avoid unnecessary delays, lost messages or technical failures, only choose a company that can guarantee this from the outset. Do your research on the companies you are considering to go with, and read their reviews and client testimonials to get a better picture of their performance.

Multi-platform compatibility – A business SMS company should be able to guarantee messages over multi-platforms, and provide integrated API and documentation. You want proof that your efforts are yielding results, with a user-friendly platform and interface. Is the service compatible with your needs?

Message span – You need a provider that can give you the right assurances that your messages will be delivered across a number of networks. If you have a multi-national company with a diverse customer base, you want guarantees that the provider can deliver globally.

In order to find a service provider capable of doing this, you will need to whittle out those who have a more localized approach or who are limited to one state or country.

Trust & Reliability – It is of vital importance to trust any provider you hire for business SMS purposes. While you can read reviews and try to make your own mind up that way, sometimes the proof is well and truly in the eating.

If you are happy that there are no identifiable reasons why this company cannot do what they say they will, maybe trialing their service – if this is an option – would be a good place to start. At very least, it gives businesses a chance to see if the provider can match their expectations.


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