5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Whiteboard Video


For you to create a whiteboard video that is enjoyable, eye-catching and, most importantly, effective, it is essential to know the key attributes to help you along the way. Here are five awesome tips for creating the perfect whiteboard video.

Telling a Story

Before you begin planning, the most important thing you need to consider is the story that you will be telling. Viewers need to be hooked from the very beginning and be able to follow a clear and cohesive message throughout. If you are creating a video to advertise a product, ensure that there is a fun and exciting story behind it, otherwise, you risk alienating your viewers. You will also need a script and voiceover to narrate your story.

Create Fun Characters

To bring your story to life, make sure you create quirky and eye-catching characters. As whiteboard videos are all about animation, the world is your oyster regarding how you want your characters to look. However, bear in mind that your characters should reflect the target audience you are aiming for, which will help viewers relate and identify with what is projected in front of them.

Keeping it Simple

For those who are familiar with a whiteboard video, the key concepts that make them stand out and unique are the white background and the drawing hand, which helps tell the story throughout. The main purpose of a whiteboard video is to show the hand drawing your characters and telling your story. Whilst it is recommended to stick to black and white to keep it simple, you do have the option to inject a bit of color, which may help bring your story to life.

Educate Your Viewers

Although the main aim of the video is to be eye-catching and keeping your viewers hooked, it is important that you tell a message that will stick. We all like learning and being educated on new things, so giving your viewers a video that they will remember is key to marketing and selling your product. Ensuring you find the right balance between entertaining and educating your viewers will result in a successful overall video.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have got to grips with how to create a whiteboard video, make sure you go over it numerous times to ensure it looks as professional and sleek as possible. Your main aim is to impress a demographic, so it is worth practicing on family and friends beforehand who will be able to give you their feedback. Also, practicing on those who you do not know can help by providing you with an unbiased view. Constructive criticism can help give you an understanding of what could be changed, which can be beneficial to the success of your video.

If you require more information on how to make a whiteboard video, be sure to look on websites such as YouTube, which offers multiple tutorials and guides to ensure you end up with the best video possible.


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