5 Tips for Making Sure You Get a Good Deal on a Hotel in Edinburgh


There are always numerous perks and discounts offered by different hotels. But of course, they aren’t heavily marketed. To entice customers online hotel apps have been devised to help you access your favorite spots instantly. So, if you are looking for the best hotel offers Edinburgh, follow these tips and you’ll definitely snag the best hotel room at a lower cost.

Leverage the Power of Hotel Apps

Like any other business, hotels tend to treat their regular customers more fondly. Of course, you can book rooms directly over the phone and even interact with the staff. But with a hotel’s app, you can enjoy the bundled extras. You’ll be able to access the best options on your phone and pick your hotel room. Plus, you’ll be awarded points that can cater for your future stays. This way, you won’t only get an affordable room, but you’ll also get a better choice for your personal needs.

Members also benefit from free bonuses such as late checkout, free stay, free extra night, as well as significant discounts on room bookings.

Book At the Last Minute

It may look absurd, but you’ll find it hard getting a cheap hotel room when you make early bookings. If the price is an issue of concern, consider making last-minute reservations- 1 or 2 days before you’re staying. Hotels with empty rooms usually try their best to fill those spaces at such times and lower their prices accordingly. Use a highly interactive app that specifically caters for last-minute hotel bookings on premium spots.

With a good app, you can access the Secret Prices and discounts offered by various hotel rooms.

Settle For a Business Hotel

You don’t necessarily have to stay at a resort to enjoy your holiday. Hotels in metropolitan areas, which are focused on business customers often list cheaper rooms during weekends. And they feature luxurious amenities for those who’re just relaxing or attending a conference.  On the contrary, vacation-oriented hotels usually have better deals during weekdays. So book according to your personal needs.

Evenings Are the Best

Book in the evening. At this time, the hotel staff knows exactly what has been booked, and what’s available. If your preferred choice is already taken, they’ll always give you a better room for the same cost. They don’t want to lose a single client remember- so they will try as much as possible to find you something good that’s within your budget.

Be Courteous

Be friendly with the staff and politely ask about the available deals. Ensure that you inquire about this when there aren’t so many people at the customer desk, though. Be courteous and smile-it never hurts, though.


Nothing feels good like being in a cozy hotel. But sometimes money can be a limiting factor. With the above tricks, however, you can land a cheap hotel deal that perfectly fits your budget. Booking at the last minute can really prove fruitful. Most hotels tend to drop their prices during such times, especially when they still have many vacant. So, sneak in and get a cheaper rate.


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