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If you’re in real estate, then you know that it’s a sellers market. All across the board in the U.S. real estate is appreciating. With that in mind, you’re probably thinking about selling your house soon. But with such competition comes difficulty in standing out – especially in being that property which everyone wants to buy, or notices before the others. With everything moving to the internet and social media becoming a huge marketing tool, the real estate game is changing. It’s both harder and easier now to stay relevant; harder because there are so many people doing the same thing, easier because the resources are readily available to create an amazing listing. We’re here to give you 5 quick tips that’ll help you sell your house!

–Photography. Let’s be realistic here – now that everyone shops for homes online, and we’re so used to quality photography on the internet, amateur versus professional work will polarize each other… and people will be able to notice immediately. Now that drones have become legal, there’s an entirely new wave of real-estate photography; the immersive, first-person-view experience. People are hiring drone pilots to fly a drone and create a sort of, narrative video tour of their property. Meaning, the internet-viewer can take a tour through the home as if they were there. It could be worth making sure your photography/ideography is top of the line. With the game changing so fast, it’s important to keep up with the current trend; it sets the precedent.

–Use A Buying Platform. If you’re looking to sell your house quickly – perhaps you don’t want to spend all that time repairing it, fixing it up to add that tinge of value or appeal that’ll attract a buyer, then there’s platforms out there that’ll buy your house from you ‘immediately.’ It’s very straight forward and the deals never hide any fees. They’re usually flat out and the quotes are generated quickly. If you’re not looking for the hassle of putting in all the work to ‘flip’ a property, use a website like WeBuyHousesDenver to get a fair price on your home… and sell it quickly without a hassle.

–Social Media. This one is particularly important, as everyone you know is on social media in one form or another. The key here is to create a profile for the home(s) you’re selling and create a consistent, engaging stream of content. It’s not a, build an instagram and post one picture deal, but a build a platform, produce content, and ask your friends to share it around. Create a before mentioned video tour of the home – make it engaging and professional, and then share it. You’d be surprised at the reach and effectiveness of a simple social media marketing strategy.

–Depersonalize The Home. Yeah, get your stuff out of there. Take all your personal belongings, everything that rings private and subjective, and empty out those closets. The more the house looks like someone else’s, the less likely the buyer is going to be able to envision themselves living there. Just as well, it empties the home and allows for it to have some ‘breathing’ room. Makes it seem bigger and allows for the buyer to view the home as a ‘place to be moved into’ rather than a place that’s been lived in.
–Price it right. Make sure that when pricing your home, you’re not trying to be the highest priced on the market. In fact, often if you price just below the average point of sale, you’ll be the first line to have bites. Obviously, the first impression is everything. However, pricing is arguably more important being that if the property isn’t priced correctly then you won’t even have the opportunity to make a first impression. That’s why it’s so important. Here are some healthy tips about home pricing: take a look at this website.

There you have it, a few quick and easy steps to get ahead of your competition and put your home in front of that buyer ready to open up his wallet. Remember, with such a rapidly evolving industry, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the trends. You don’t want to be that home with amateur still photography when there’s a listing right beside yours that is priced better, offers an immersive video tour, and is all over social media. Take the right steps. Sell your home easily.


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