5 ways to boost your employees’ productivity


One of the biggest factors in a business’ success is how productive its employees are. If you’ve got a workforce that is determined to work their hardest for you and the company and deliver the best possible results, then chances are you will provide greater satisfaction for your clients and make more money as a result.

So, how can you improve your employees’ productivity? There are many ways, ranging from the atmosphere you create in the workplace to the incentives you offer as a reward for delivering success.

Here are five ways to boost your employees’ productivity.

Treat employees like your family

If an employee knows that they are valued by you and the business, chances are they will be more motivated to do well and be more productive as a result. You can help them feel valued by treating them like members of your family rather than commodities who are just there to make you money. We don’t mean shower unconditional love on them like a mother or brother but treat them as if they were your cousin or nephew. You may not get on with them, you may not even like them, but they’re family, and you’ve got their back.

Create the right office environment

It isn’t just the atmosphere in the office that is important, but the environment as well. We’re talking how hot or cold it is. Scientists have long agreed that temperature and humidity in the workplace can have a direct impact on the productivity of employees. If a room is too hot, they will feel sleepy, and concentration levels drop. If it is too cold, then that can lead to illness and complaints. You can keep your office at the optimum temperature all year round with an HVAC system from a reputable commercial HVAC Chicago company such as Elite HVACs.

Offer incentives for success

There are lots of reasons why Silicon Valley companies are so successful, but one is definitely because they can attract the best talent. How do they do it? Well, Google and Facebook offer some of the best employee bonuses in the country. Bonuses are one way to motivate your employees and boost productivity, whether they come in the form of an Employee of the Month prize, a $20 gift voucher or a Christmas bonus come the end of the year.

Celebrate victories no matter how small

Your employees will feel motivated if they can see that their work is making a difference in the success of the business. That’s why you should celebrate every victory, no small. By letting your workforce know how happy you are with their results and praising them for delivering them, they’ll be more motivated to keep repeating the success.

Make sure they have the right equipment

Did you know that the average American worker loses 22 minutes per day to IT-related problems? That may not seem like much at first, but over an entire working year consisting of 50 weeks, that’s 91 hours gone which is more than two weeks. Imagine how much more your employees could be getting done if they weren’t spending over 14 days of their time dealing with computer problems? You can help them avoid that fate by equipping them with up to date equipment that is less likely to develop faults or underperform. Upgrading your IT can upgrade your productivity.


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