5 Ways to Help You Lower Your Energy Billing


Electricity billing is a tough one to handle because so many factors contribute into the overall numbers you see at the end of the month. The main problem is that modern homes are so full of gadgets and systems that use energy that lowering your billing seems like such a big issue. But that isn’t the case, since there are plenty of ways you can lower your home electric billing over time. The simplest steps require minimal effort from you and you can start doing them as soon as today.

1.  Deal with Temperature Changes Without Using Your AC

When your home starts to become hotter or colder, we often use our AC systems to counter the changes. Consider instead trying out alternative means to handle the changes to keep the temperature inside your home comfortable. When it becomes too cold, bundle up and make sure your home sealed to prevent any heat from escaping. When it is too hot, try installing a ceiling fan and opening up some windows to let the airflow help cool you down.

2.  Be Sure to Check on Your Air Systems

The air systems in your home have air filters installed that are making sure the air coming inside is cleaned of any harmful air particles. But the air filters get dirty over time and when they do they cause the airflow coming in to stop. That’s an issue because the system will try to push the air through anyway and your billing rises because of it. Handle the issue by replacing this filter regularly, it helps to make a schedule.

3.  Take a Look at How You do Your Laundry

We often forget that it is the little steps that affect our billing in big ways. Laundry for example has a big impact on our electricity usage, but that can very easily be changed. When you use cold water instead of hot, you save energy and money. When you fill up the machines to capacity, you have fewer loads to wash and save that way as well. If you really want to save, then try line drying out and dry your clothing in a more natural way.

4.  Fix Up Your Home Regularly

When heat escapes out of your home, that is a valuable resource being needlessly wasted. Avoid the issue by making sure your home is properly sealed, which includes the windows and the doors. Make sure the windows are set in place and that the door frames throughout a home are bolted in securely. The less heat that escapes, the less your AC system, needs to work, and the more you save overall.

5.  Keep an Eye on Your Home Electronics

A big issue we often overlook is the fact that our electronics a constantly drawing power. Even when not in use, if a device is plugged in, then it is using energy. Groups of devices in particular can really start adding on the energy usage. Unplug any devices you are not using and be sure to check on any automated systems in order to avoid them using any unnecessary power.


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