5 Ways to Make Customers More Comfortable Spending Money


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In a highly competitive business world, business owners today research and implement various tactics to see what gives them the best return on investment and an edge on the competition.
From appealing to customers’ senses to showcasing safety measures, we’ve gathered five strategies you can use to influence customers to buy.
Color scheme
Customers most often choose the things they buy based on color. However, the color of the decor in your business can also influence customers to make a purchase. For example, color psychology experts say that warm shades of brown and orange are inviting and also help to reassure customers. Cooler shades of blue and green act to calm people, while bright reds and yellows grab customers’ attention. Decorate and paint accordingly with the message and ambiance you’re trying to give.
Give them security
Security cameras are a great way to keep your business safe and make your customers feel secure. Today’s high-tech security camera systems can even be programmed to send motion-activated push notifications or email alerts. For example, when a customer parks in a handicapped parking space, employees could be alerted to go outside to see if the individual needs assistance.
In addition to safety, security cameras can help business owners learn about the effectiveness of marketing displays, keep an eye on activity in the parking lot, monitor employees and customers and fight fraudulent claims.
Share the trust
Experts note that what customers say about you and your business is much more convincing than what you say. Many potential customers will do their due diligence before buying your product or service by checking reviews online. Be sure you have a designated space on your website (particularly if you’re an e-commerce business) with written or video testimonials from happy customers. Take it a step further by including a “News” section on your site with positive press you have received. Sharing positive feedback can go a long way in gaining new customers.
Sound of music
Studies over the years have discovered how playing background music can influence customers’ shopping behavior — from the type, loudness and tempo of the music. Research indicates that choosing the right music for your business can be helpful in getting customers to buy. To start, determine how you want your customers to feel at your business, then play accordingly. For example, soft, slow music can often encourage customers to move at a slower, more calculated pace. While classical music can give the impression of being a high-end store or offering expensive products.
The scent of a store
Just like the sounds that play in a store, the smells of a business can have influence on customers, as well. Experts found that consumers are more likely to spend more when they are in a space where warm scents, such as vanilla or cinnamon, are present as opposed to cooler scents like peppermint.


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