59 Cats Rescued by Humane Society of Central Oregon


(Photos courtesy of The Humane Society of Central Oregon)

The Humane Society of Central Oregon rescued 59 cats from a home in Crescent, Oregon. The cats were found in deplorable conditions and brought to the shelter for medical care in Bend.

The owner relinquished the 59 cats to the Humane Society of Central Oregon. The cats were underweight and some emaciated. All are being treated for ear mites and fleas. Treatable conditions diagnosed include dental care (extractions, gum disease and cleaning), entropion (eyelids rolled in with eyelashes rubbing eye), fractured legs, and abscesses. Sadly, some were found emaciated that will need additional bloodwork to diagnose underlying conditions.

day-2-tabby-kitten-hsco-orgOn Friday March 10, the Bend Spay Neuter Project received a call from the owner of the cats. He stated that he and his mother were being evicted from their home on Tuesday, March 14 and that they desperately needed help with the cats. Four HSCO staff and a volunteer from Bend Spay Neuter Project quickly gathered the felines with the assistance from the owner.

The public can assist the Humane Society of Central Oregon with monetary contributions to help cover the costs of care, which includes diagnostic tests, medications, dental procedures, surgery costs and special foods. Canned cat food is needed for the additional cats. Donations can be made at hsco.org.

“Despite the deplorable conditions, the cats are amazingly social and will make good companions once they adjust to their new normal,” commented Karen Burns, operations director for HSCO. “This case is a perfect example of what happens when one does not spay and neuter their animals and acquires more animals than they can properly care for,” says Burns. Companion animals have social and basic care needs that must be met. If you or someone you know needs assistance, obtain the help so that the animals do not suffer.

The HSCO will be looking for adopters to open their hearts and homes to these cats in the next few days. The Humane Society of Central Oregon is located at 61170 SE 27th Street in Bend. For more information, visit hsco.org or call 541.382.3537.


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