Benefits of 5G for Residential Phone Service


Along with technological advancements emerging through time, cellular network technology is comfortably keeping up with the pace. Starting from the first generation cellular network technology called (1G) up to the approaching and awaited fifth generation (5G), the developers are consistently providing people the means of easier communication with the newly added features in every release. Having access to this kind of technology makes it beneficial and simpler to do certain tasks required for every lifestyle.

The most awaited fifth-generation network (5G) sat on the hot seat for some time, but it’s still not reachable for all regions in the globe. Experts have researched and investigated how this technology works, as the fourth generation (4G) itself has already led several benefits that surprised many.

Nevertheless, the emergence of 5G can set new advantages for people, especially at home, with 5G-integrated phone services discussed in this VolP home phone article.


What is 5G?

5G is a widely used term in the field of network technology, yet most consumers have not fully grasped the idea of it. The letter G represents the mobile wireless Generation where the data delivery and collection gradually changes as it is upgraded –  the speed, data capacity, frequency, latency, and system enhancement.

Thus, 5G stands for fifth-generation technology used in mobile devices. To better understand the evolution of wireless mobiles, here’s a comparison of 5G’s predecessors:

  • 1G, an analog cellular network that only featured the availability of audio calls
  • 2G, improved with text messaging
  • 3G, increased data transmission, capacity, and user support
  • 4G, an innovation that led to the use of mobile data as an internet connection
  • 5G, enables broadband access

Faster Speed

With the help of 5G networks, you can make the most out of your mobile device without worrying about the number of devices connected to your network. The increased bandwidth offered by 5G networks makes it easier to download files, watch videos, and scroll through websites due to the larger space available for data.

5G networks are proclaimed to be ten times faster than the previous 4G networks. Downloading movies with 1080p quality in 4G could take about ten minutes. On the other hand, 5G can finish the same task in less than a minute. This advantage has fueled excitement to many people as they seem to struggle with slow internet connections at home.

Lessened Latency

Due to the 5G technology, a mere touch on your device can instantly load web pages with minimum delays in comparison to previous generations. This kind of delay, encountered on previous generations, is the result of a data not being received as fast as it is sent. In 5G networks, delays between reactions and responses will be shortened due to a 30% decrease in the loopback latency.

This decrease in loopback latency can provide limitless possibilities to users. It can offer a smooth gaming experience with zero possibility of freezing, shorter delays on your important work emails, quick interactions through online and live discussions, and a good benefit for car owners. As an example, it can help drivers become more efficient by allowing fast connections between other drives. The connectivity between drivers improve navigation and provide up-to-the-minute traffic updates.  Thus, making transportation more efficient and convenient.

Wider Connectivity

As the fifth generation technology promised people an increased bandwidth, then it’ll automatically affect the size of connectivity among various networks in the world, including mobile devices, vehicles, technological equipment, and the like. These can be effectively implemented through connections in cell towers that can guarantee full transactions within thousandths of a second.

Most rural areas around the globe don’t have access to the latest network technology today. Thanks to 5G, developing countries with rural areas can have high-speed access to the latest network technology that has never happened before. The wireless 5G technology will enable service providers to create the necessary mechanisms to connect houses reaching a wider connection.

Moreover, the increased bandwidth and speed will send and receive data 2,500 times better than existing networks today. This can be a big advantage for residents in rural areas, especially children who have a great hold on their education.


Everyone is anticipating the seamless and amazing performance that 5G networks can bring. It doesn’t only contribute to small scales like residential areas but for bigger applications in different disciplines, as well.

All breakthroughs and innovations can lead to various achievements for the human race. They become a legacy and a lifetime treasure. The only responsibility of humans upon discovering this technology is to use it moderately, responsibly, and do their best to not lend it into the wrong hands.


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