6 Ways to Supplement your Blogging Income—Tips from Gambla.com


So you love blogging but it hardly helps pay your bills? It is not the only way to make money online. Sure, you can take countless classes on how to better your blogging skills. But as you probably know, it takes months or years to become a successful blogger.

Before that happens, you can do a few jobs, provide service or even play online games for money. Some of these methods might only help you earn pocket change. But a few could also earn you enough money to give you an early retirement.

#1: Become a Freelancer

Over 50% of Americans will be freelancers by 2020 if the industry continues to grow at its current rate. Around the world, the freelancing workforce is a multibillion industry will millions of members. From copywriters to graphics designers, digital marketers to YouTubers; the industry comprises of millions of professions.

A 2017 report published on Forbes Magazine shows millennials as the biggest proponents of the freelancing community. But guess what? There are no age limits in the industry. If you have a skill you could sell online, nothing should stop you.

There are dozens of marketplaces for almost every marketable skill. So, whether you are good at making logos, reciting poems or reading stories, there’s a place you could sell your skills.

#2: Become an Online Tutor

Online tutoring works a lot like freelancing. But instead of working for companies you get paid to teach others to become good at something. Let’s say you are an experienced author with a few bestsellers under her belt. You can create a course to teach young writers how to overcome writing pitfalls or how to publish their first book.

You can create online courses on a wide range of disciplines but it is best to teach others something you are truly good at. If you love programming but have greater experience in HTML programming, create a course on that language.

Besides creating courses, you could also teach people through one-on-one settings. For example, you can provide personal English classes to foreigners. Some people even teach how to play video games, and they charge up to $65 per hour.

#3: Play Online Games

If you still think playing online games is a waste of time; you might want to read the latest stats on how much gamers earn. Some online video gamers earn in the upwards of $10 million per year. Of course, it takes months of hard work and talent to achieve that.

With basic gaming skills, you can play a few games on Swagbucks and earn $10 to $20. You could also take some risk and play casino games like slots, poker and blackjack. Visit websites like Zamsino, Casinofinder.io or Toroslots to learn more about gambling games.

And while at it, read this free guide that offers no deposit free spins in Canada.  It will help you analyze gaming websites and pick a few bonuses from them.

#4: Sell Stuff Online

Your personal skills are not the only thing you can sell online. If you know a place that sells cheap phone accessories, buy and sell them online. You don’t even have to own a website. Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts can all help market your products.

Of course, you will want to run a website to handle huge traffic and make it easy for people to order your products. But before you start selling, research things you love that have high demand. The T-Shirt business, for instance, is ever green. If you have a T-shirt design idea, you can always find a market for people to buy your Tees.

In addition to selling products like T-shirts, you can also create apps, software programs and sell them. If you are ambitious enough, you can also start an online market place or an online gaming website. Learn a compliant way to list online casinos in the UK. You can then lease games from software providers and market your casino.

#5: Become an Affiliate marketer

Starting an online business is not easy. To a great extent, it is similar to a conventional business. It takes months of efforts to get things going. But you know what doesn’t ask for much effort? An affiliate website: it is easy to start. And if properly managed, it could earn you more money than most jobs.

Similar to a blog, you must be careful when choosing affiliate marketing ideas. The business is all about convincing people to buy products from other companies. So, if they don’t trust you, they will probably not buy them.

What’s more, you need a lot of people to buy products you market for you to earn substantial cash in the long-haul. That calls for adequate marketing skills. You also must learn about SEO and other skills that can help market your website.

#6: Complete Online Surveys

Online surveys aren’t the best paying online jobs. But if you are willing to answer questions for 10 minutes and get paid $5, they are worth it. The secret to maximizing your earnings from these jobs is to do multiple surveys.

Websites like Valued Opinions, Pinecone and Panel Opinions connect you with companies that want to conduct online surveys for free. You can then sign up for multiple surveys and stand to earn up to $500 per month.

It is not the same as affiliate marketing but it cost nothing more than your time. You can also supplement that income by doing entry jobs. Again, you’ll earn pennies with these jobs. But you can earn enough money to take you and your friends to the moves once in a while.

To Conclude

Blogging is one of the best ways to make extra money online. Some people blog fulltime and make thousands of dollars. But because it leaves you with plenty of free time, consider supplementing your income using the tips shared above.

Selling your skills, for instance, don’t cost a lot to start. Affiliate marketing might ask your build a website but it is not compulsory. With time, you can build an online store and sell things you love.


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