7 Signs It’s Time To Start Your Own Business


It can be scary taking that first step in starting your own business. It’s all about leaving the comfort and security of your job and stepping out into the big, wide world on your own, where you risk failure as well as huge reward. It may be something you’re desperate to do, yet you’re still holding on to the security aspect of your current position, afraid to let go and try. However, there will come a time when you are absolutely ready; here are the signs you should look out for to tell you it’s time to start your very own business.

You Have The Passion

When you’re ready to start your own business, it will be all you can think about. You’ll wake up with ideas running through your mind, and you’ll daydream about what it will be like when you’re working for yourself. You’ll talk about your plans for the future with your friends and family. You’ll go to bed and find it hard to sleep because there are too many thoughts and feelings running through you. When you’re that passionate about something, it’s time to make it a reality if you possibly can. Remember, though, that just because you have the passion doesn’t mean you have everything else ready as well; take the time to put together your business plan and get funding before you make a real start.

You’re Willing To Make Big Decisions

Certain people are cut out for being their own boss (and potentially other people’s boss as well), and certain people aren’t. There will be some big, difficult decisions to be made, and a boss and business owner won’t be afraid to make them. If you’re hanging back because you need to make one of these big decisions, then you’re not ready to start your own business. If you’re ready to go for it, even if you’re nervous, then the timing could well be perfect for you. Big decisions can include making sacrifices to make your business dream a reality, so be prepared to do what it takes. That might mean contacting a small moves company because you know that a different location will work better for you. It could mean setting up a crowdfunding page to help your efforts along. It could be anything. The point is, you know you need to, and can, make these decisions.

You Want To Make Money

Working for someone else can make you a lot of money, but it’s not quite as exciting as going out there and earning it for yourself. Plus, running your own business means you can earn a lot more when you get it all just right. If the idea of making money – your own money – really excites you, then it could be time for you to start your own business and bring in the cash you want.

You See Opportunities

When you can see opportunities where others just see problems, then it looks as though you’re ready to start your own business. Take the economy, for example. Some people would assume that the time just isn’t right to start a business, but if you look closely, you’ll spot certain niches where the timing couldn’t be better. It’s down to you to find out how and why to go about starting businesses here, but when you do, you should be able to thrive wonderfully well. Business is about finding a solution to a problem and telling people about it. That’s the basis of pretty much every business ever created, so once you have spotted the opportunity to solve a particular problem, you are certainly at least halfway there when it comes to being ready to start your own business.

You Want To Be Your Own Boss

If you’re ready to strike out on your own and be your own boss, you have the beginnings of the right attitude for starting your own business. If you still crave the security of working for someone, then the timing isn’t right for you to go it alone. It can be one of the hardest decisions to make, especially if you have responsibilities like a family, a mortgage or rent payments, bills, and debts to pay. One option is to start a side business, testing the waters to see how successful it might be. This can give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to go for it yourself. Being self-motivated enough to be your own boss can be a thrilling, enjoyable way of working.

You Want To Be Challenged

If you feel that you’re not being challenged in your current position then it could be time to start your own business and set your own challenges; there will certainly be plenty of them when you work for yourself. Setting up your own businesses means making a dream come true, and with that in mind, any challenges that do come your way will be easier to solve because your motivation is to keep your dream alive. You will be able to choose the work that interests you the most, rather than simply carry out the assignments you’ve been given – this way your brain will be stimulated, and you’ll enjoy your work all that much more. You will be learning new things every day about how to run a business as well as how to help your clients and customers. You’ll also learn things about yourself. If this sounds like something you want to do, then your business could be ready to take off.

Your Idea Doesn’t Sound Difficult

If what you are envisioning as your business doesn’t sound overly difficult, and if you are sure you can do what needs to be done then, as long as you have done your research and you know all the costs and potential pitfalls involved, it could definitely be time for you to quit your job and dive in. Don’t worry if, along with the excitement you also feel scared and a little anxious – that’s because it’s a new venture and you don’t know what you expect. As long as the excitement outweighs everything else, you know you’re doing the right thing.


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