7 Ways How Small Business Can Attract More Customers


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Running a small business comes with several challenges. First, you somehow have to let the world know you even exist. Because the market is vast and you have to fight for your spot with big players who know how to play dirty. Then, as a small business, your resources are probably limited, and you cannot invest too much in ad campaigns, etc. Every customer counts so not only that you have to attract them, but you have to keep them coming back for more. We found some affordable and easy ways for you to achieve that.

1.  Give Value

When you are not in the situation to invest in ad campaigns, you have to think about what the best way to promote your business for free is. And the answer is pretty straightforward. Your satisfied customers are the best promoters and free advertisers. But when and why will they spread the rumor about your service or products? Only when you give them good value for their money. Hence, make sure that whatever you are selling is good, innovative, creative, and that it has the potential to stand out.

2. Make a Giveaway

As a small business, you probably cannot offer low prices as some large companies and brands. Your customers are most likely aware that they are paying a bit more for something that can be found in similar shapes or forms at a lower price. A good way to say “thank you” for their loyalty and support is to give away something for free. You can do it through contests. It will do wonders because people love free stuff. They will tell their mom, aunt, friends, and spread the word about your business. Make a sponsored post about it online and voila, watch how hundreds of new people find out about your business.

3. Build a Website

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You may think you do not need a website, but you do. That is one mistake many small business owners tend to make. You need a website, and you need it to be done before you open your business. Even if it is a simple one-page website with basic info. It will make you look more professional. And although social media platforms are another essential online channels, people still visit websites and search for them. You can even start writing blog posts or tips that are related to your field.

4. Good Old Flyers

This is a good way if you want to inform everyone in your neighborhood that there is a new store in the neighborhood. Keep your message simple, and perhaps offer a symbolic discount to everyone who comes to the store with the flyer. Put them on parked cars, kindly ask at the hair saloon nearby to leave a few for their customers, or hang them on house entry doors. Options are endless.

5. Social Media

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Even if you are not a millennial, you are probably aware of how important it is to represent your business to the world through social media. Especially when you are running a small business, social media can help you grow faster than you expected. Keep in mind to use appropriate hashtags and do not use too many of them. Make some nice photos of your place, products, services, and try to post regularly.

6. Take Part in Volunteer Projects

If there are some activities in your community that require donations of some products, charity events, etc. It is always good to participate because not only your business will be promoted, but also you will do something for a greater cause, and people tend to appreciate brands that do that. Just keep it genuine, and people will recognize it. From there, everything goes naturally.

7. Happy Hour

Happy hours and special offers are a huge hit. You can make it like Happy Wednesday, every first Saturday in the month, or Fridays from 4 to 7 PM, it is up to you. Spread the word about it among your customers, and we guarantee that many of them will come back for more on the day you offer special deals. And not just them, many others will come because people are drawn to discounts. Make custom signs for your door and window display, or even use an A-board and place it outdoors to inform the crowd about your offer and track how the numbers grow.

Small Business, Big Success

One of the advantages, when you are running a small business, is that you have the occasion and time to get closer to your customers; to share your story and get to know them, in a way, you are building your community. Besides all these ideas, you also have to nurture your relationship with your customers. You can attract new customers by following just one or all of our recommendations. But none of these tips will work if you do not respect your customers. That is the base of every successful small business.

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Laura Baird is the daughter of a crafty artist who is an illustrator. During her childhood, she loved watching her father crafting custom metal signs and sculptures. As she grew up with love and passion for custom signages Laura likes sharing her techniques by writing some blogs on how to come up with better signages and how it helps businesses in building brands.


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