7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You Work


Whether you’re working at the office or your home, it’s important to find something for your dog to do. A bored dog is a destructive dog, and the smarter they are… well, the more damage they can do. If you need some ideas on how to keep your dog occupied then read on and we’ll show you how it’s done!

1. Dog Walkers

Dogs who suffer from serious anxiety need to know they’re not alone. As long as your dog is properly socialized, a dog walker is a perfect solution.

It’ll let them get out and get some exercise during the day as well. That burns off energy, and if you’re lucky they’ll take a nap for the rest of the day rather than worrying about where you are and what’s going on elsewhere.

It’s an expensive option, and you’ll need to thoroughly vet the person, but it’s one of the best ways to help occupy your dog while you’re away.

2. Puzzles With Treats

There are a ton of puzzle games out there for dogs. Put a homemade treat inside and you’re off to a good start and saving some money.

Puzzles can occupy even the most intelligent dog for hours at a time. Just make sure that they don’t have parts that your dog may choke on, of course.

Puzzles may be the best solution for naturally intelligent dogs like Border Collies. Give them a shot and you’ll be surprised at how much calmer your dog is when you get home at night.

3. Novel Toys

Many dogs have a ton of fun with their toys while their owners are away. But they’re going to get a bit bored if they don’t have new ones around on occasion.

Rotate the toys left out and put the others up. By introducing new toys regularly, a dog can be kept occupied for a long time. Dogs are simple creatures at heart, and they love to play. Their toys are really the only “possessions” they care about.

That said, dog toys can be rather expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, you can DIY toys from stuff you have around the house. That saves you money and allows you to switch up toys without running to the store.

4. Leave the TV On

This might be no surprise to some owners, but many dogs actually like watching TV. You may not want to leave it on the news, but if you switch to something with animals then they’ll be entertained for some time.

It shouldn’t be done every day, most dogs will get bored of it eventually, but the occasional day where you leave Animal Planet playing won’t hurt.

It’s not just conjectured either. Dogs can recognize the images in a similar way to us, and even tell when there’re animals on the screen. It’s always worth a shot, especially since it costs practically nothing.

5. Give Them a View

If your dog doesn’t have somewhere to look out, then they’re just going to be stuck staring at the walls all day. It’s enough to drive us mad, so why wouldn’t it bring your dog to boredom?

Set up a place for your canine companion to look out if. Even on apartments on high floors, it’s a good idea as long as the window is secure. Just moving a chair can give your pet a whole new view on the world, so why not give it a shot?

6. Use a Baby Monitor to Stay in Touch

These days it’s easy and cheap to find a video baby monitor. Set it up in the room your dog is occupying and you can check in on them during the day.

Even better, many of them allow you to talk to your animal. Reassure them you’ll be home soon, tell them to quit chewing on couch cushions, whatever it takes. Most easily hook up to your wifi, and from there, your phone can pick up a live stream.

Besides, how cool is it to make your dog’s day on a lunch break?

7. Doggy Daycare

For dogs with serious separation anxiety, all of the above combined might not be enough to keep them from destroying things and getting into mischief. When that’s the case, your only real option is doggy daycare.

While it’s not ideal for most people, it will help your dog socialize and keep them from the destructive and worrying behaviors which can happen with separation anxiety.

Even smaller towns usually have at least one doggy daycare. Just make sure that the handlers are the right option for your dog. It can be a big bullet to swallow, but in some cases it’s the best thing to do.

Keep Your Canine Calm and Amused

We all love our dogs, and it’s unfortunate that we can’t always be with them. Fortunately, there are some great options so they don’t have to languish in boredom during the day. When you’re not there they can either be up to mischief or occupied. Make it the latter and it’ll be smooth sailing for both of you when you get home!


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