7 Ways to Save Money When Financing Your Holiday


Wanting to go on a vacation and saving for one, goes hand in hand. Vacations tend to be costly, and some people try to meet these vacation expenses by acquiring various kinds of debts and loans–which is not an advisable thing to do. Taking a vacation is supposed to be a form of relaxation, and not having tons of debt to pay is not, in any way relaxing. So we’ve compiled 7 ways that will help you save money for your next holiday vacation.

#1 Create a Firm Budget Plan

Setting a firm budget plan for your vacation can be very helpful. It should cover every expenditure for your trip including hotel, round-trip plane tickets, meals and drinks, shopping, activities, sightseeing, and so much more.

It is important to do some research on your holiday travel destination, in order for you to have an idea as for what to expect and how much to save. Also, organising your savings based on their respective categories, as well as estimating their cost range can be very useful as you set your vacation budget

#2 Determine Possible Splurges in Advance

Whether you’re planning to loosen up for this holiday or you’re planning to travel with a tight fist, it is important to always set some extra cash for possible splurges. If you’re not in a budgetary situation, it is definitely okay to treat yourself every once and a while.

Identify your potential splurges depending on your preference and destination. It may be a meal in a fancy restaurant, a spa day, shopping galore, a guided tour in the city, or a fishing trip.

#3 Make Regular Transfers to Your Vacation Savings Fund

Opening a savings account primarily for your vacation fund, and making regular transfers are probably the most important elements if you really want to save up for your next holiday trip. A helpful tip is to set a portion of your monthly paycheck directly to your vacation savings account.

It is also important to assess and ask the following to yourself:

what can I do to save? what sacrifices do I need to do to save? am I financially capable for my holiday trip?

#4 Consider Having a Credit Card with Travel Rewards

You can choose among the various travel reward choices presented by different sought-after banking institutions, and apply for your preferred travel destination.

With every purchase or usage of your credit card, you will earn points that can be redeemed for future holiday travel expenses. Upmoney an online comparison company Can help you compare credit cards with the best-suited rewards for you. Depending on your chosen credit card, you may earn more points based on your travel-related spendings, such as hotel and airfare.

#5 Pay Off Your Loans & Debts

Before you plan your holiday travel budget, it is important to make sure that you pay off your due loans and debts. The more you postpone its payment, the higher its interest debt will be.

So it is important to choose loans that are easy to pay. A great example of this would be logbook loans. This type of loan in the UK that involves having your vehicle secured until you pay the lender back. The good thing about this is that you can still use your vehicle as long as you comply with all the required repayments.

#6 Be Mindful of Your Grocery Budget

By trimming down your grocery budget, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should compromise on the healthfulness, freshness, and quality of your meals. However, it is important to differentiate your wants vs. needs in grocery shopping.

#7 Find a Part-time Job or an Extra Work

Finding a part-time job or doing extra hours of work can bring a massive increase in your overall take home money. This is especially true if you’re eligible for having overtime pay, which is 1.5 higher than the regular pay. In addition, you can also search for freelance work online to help you earn some extra bucks at the comfort of your homes.


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