The 8 Best Ways to Hire Excellent Employees


Employees are arguably the most important asset of any organization. They are the ones who propel a company to achieve its goals. A happy, dedicated and cohesive team is a vital component for any business to operate at peak capacity. It is therefore important to make sure you employ the right people. The following are some measures you can take make sure that only the right people make it into your organization.

1. Give a detailed job description

When announcing job vacancies, most companies focus on the qualifications they want successful candidates to have. This may not be wrong, but it is an inconclusive method that leaves a lot to chance. Each job has its unique roles and responsibilities. Though many candidates may possess similar qualifications, they may be better at different things. Candidates must know what the job entails as soon as they know it’s available. This way, only candidates who are comfortable with such roles will apply.

2. Take care of your employees

You should always strive for your company to be recognized as a good employer. How you are deemed as an employer will affect the caliber of people who want to work in your organization. This will also help you retain top-notch personnel. Being a good employer entails many things that include fair compensation, inclusivity of all in decision making, and fostering a culture of openness.

3. Develop structures for your employment processes

Setup a methodology in how and where you will want to get potential employees from. Have a designated team to handle the employment process in your company. Identify which types of people suit your company vision. Have your team internalize this persona. Their job will now be to match qualified candidates with that description.

4. Pre-employment assessment

A pre-employment assessment (  is an attempt to gather useful information about the candidates before narrowing your choices. The idea is to find out whether a candidate can excel in the role you want to be filled. These assessments involve different evaluations such as personality tests, aptitude tests, physical assessment tests as well as looking at biographical data and previous work samples. Handling such assessments within an organization may be difficult. Luckily, there are companies that are specialized in such matters.

5. Start recruiting before openings arise

One of the best ways of getting the right people into your company is to start vetting people before you need to employ them. Every time you are in business forums and networking events, be on the lookout for people performing well in other companies. If you identify such a person, make a direct and forward approach when you want to hire them. Show them you have confidence in them and that their work will be valued.

6. Check for compatibility

Yes, the candidate has all the qualifications, but does that make them the right fit for your company? An ideal candidate should not only be good at their job but also complement your entire team. If your company is built on support and coordination, hiring a lone ranger will not make sense.

7. Start an internship program

Internships are a good way to have a close look at potential candidates. They allow you to assess an individuals work habits, temperament and more importantly, how well they would fit in your team.

8. Encourage referrals

Create a strong team in your company and form connections with peers in other organizations. Once you do that, solicit referrals from them about people who have exceptional skills that would improve your company. Referrals are a simple way of getting a rough idea of suitable candidates for your openings. You will still have to vet them, but the chances of finding a good employee this way are high.

Have systems in place that are geared towards finding the right employees. The benefits of having a good team cannot be overstated. It may be the difference between success and failure for your company.



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