Alcohol & Tobacco Reward & Reminder Program in Crook County


The Alcohol and Tobacco Reward and Reminder Program is an incentive-based program where minors (17-20 years old) — under adult supervision — enter stores and attempt to purchase alcohol or tobacco. The minor will provide immediate recognition and rewards, such as gift certificates, to clerks who refuse the sale by properly checking their ID and identifying that they are underage. Clerks that fail to do so are given a friendly reminder about the importance of properly checking ID and not selling to minors. Under no circumstance will the minors be allowed to possess tobacco or alcohol past the point of the attempted purchase.

The Reward and Reminder Program can help increase the safety of our community and reduce the impact of possible sanctions on local businesses and their employees. Between April and June 2019, the Reward and Reminder Program was implemented at the following retailer locations in Crook County that chose to opt in to the program:

  • Powell Butte Country Store
  • Juniper Pantry
  • Ray’s Food Place
  • Erickson’s Thriftway
  • Main Station Express
  • Prineville 76

We would like to thank these businesses for their participation in this program. Each retailer refused the sale of alcohol and/or tobacco and the clerks were rewarded a gift card. Alcohol and Tobacco retailers have a very important role in preventing youth substance use in Crook County.


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