UPDATE: Brown Deemed Eligible to Run for City Council


CBN has learned that there is no longer any question about whether or not Dallas Brown, the 23-year-old Bend resident who is on the November 4 ballot for Bend City Council position No.2, has been an official resident of Bend for the last 12 months.

His official status as a resident of the city was approved this afternoon by Bend City Recorder Patricia Stell.

“He brought in numerous documents showing residence and I determined he is a qualifying candidate,” Stell told CBN about 4pm Friday afternoon.

Brown had been living in Eugene attending the University of Oregon during the last year, returning to live in Bend at his parents home during breaks in school, and because of this there were questions raised about his eligibility to run for local office. Candidates are required to live in the city where they wish to run for office for the 12 months immediately prior to the election date.

Brown, who originally moved here with his parents in 1996, has stated publicly that he considers Bend to be his permanent place of residence, but he did register to vote in Lane County and participated in not only in the May primary but the last four elections, according to published reports.

In any case, Brown appeared at the city recorder’s office today with proof of residency, including hid driver’s license, 2007 tax returns and utility bills, Stell said.

“One thing that is important to understand is that the (state) constitution specifies that being a student or in the military does not severe your residency,” Stell said. “So, he’s got some other things he can bring in and show us, such as his drivers license and his tax return. It’s important to remember that in Oregon, it is the goal of (public institutions) to help people get access to the system, not to deny them.”

Brown had to turn in those documents by the end of today (Aug. 29); he is scheduled to leave town tomorrow for a post-college graduation trip to Europe, Stell said.


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