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Want to rank high on Google? Well, it’s not that easy. It takes the best digital marketing strategy to hop to the first page on Google. With SEO—a digital marketing strategy that involves the use of keywords to improve your online presence—you have an effective tool that will take your law firm into another level.

To improve your law firm ranking online, you may want to consider utilizing keyword phrases such as lawsuit filing, divorce lawyer/attorney, defense attorney lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, family law attorney, or accident lawyer.

With the following top attorney SEO techniques, you can fully optimize your online presence. To improve your site’s visibility, you should regularly check and update the performance of your homepage which includes, user-friendliness, site speed, as well as the content. Your target for leads should start with local leads and then expand to cover the entire state or country.

SEO starts with modifying or adding keywords on your webpage so as to target the desired audience. Most law firms specialize in certain areas of legal assistance. For instance, if you’re a divorce/family law firm then you’ll want to avoid appearing in searches related to bankruptcy, the insurance company, or personal injury law searches. When used and placed correctly, keywords will definitely rank you higher in popular search engines like Google and give you an upper edge over your competitor law firms.  

Site speed and performance

With the invention of 3G and beyond technologies, it’s important to ensure that the site is designed to be compatible with IOS as well as android devices. Your site should be highly visible and easy to navigate. Through popular websites like Google’s PageSpeed Insight, it’s possible to monitor the performance of your site.

Content Optimization

According to Google Search strategists, content is one of the most effective sites ranking factors. There’s a lot more to utilizing just keywords on different pages so as to maximize your company’s online visibility. Content must be updated regularly in order to keep users engaged with your website. Plus, the content should be comprehensive and precise with information only relevant to your target audience. Avoid using unnecessary details as well as long write-ups as this could result in lower rankings.

Contact Us Detailing

Your SEO should include detailed contact information. So, your phone number, state, as well as the city must appear close to the heading for improved security and visibility. Most people perform their searches based on zip codes and area codes. Phone numbers should always appear in the header as text and not in image format. The main aim for doing all this is to have your site appear on Google maps-3 package.

Google considers relevant and authoritative backlinks as an important ranking factor. With powerful backlinks relevant to your field of expertise, you’ll be able to achieve better rankings and improve your site’s visibility as well. Even more. Backlinks tell visitors that your page isn’t just your practice but a reliable guide for legal advice.

 Local SEO Focus

When it comes to profession-related searches, people tend to look for items such, ‘‘lawyers near me’’ and “lawyers in”. Therefore, your focus should always remain on local clients. Include details of your phone number, city, as well as state on your homepage. Use this information in abundance so as to get listed among the top law firm services in your area. According to research, over 40 percent of local searches made via mobile devices result in visits to a physical address within one day. So, make sure that your content has a local focus.

Google Analytics        

Google Analytics is an incredible tool that can help you monitor the performance of your website. Consider placing it near the header so as to keep a close eye on critical data. This data will help you determine the necessary changes that should be made to your site in order for it to perform better and stand out among its competitors.

Live Chat Window

Consider having a Live Chat Window incorporated into your site but always ensure that it clearly states the business hours. Most websites make the mistake of having a live chat service with no one to provide instant responses to user queries.

Link your chat window to the ‘contact us’ page, especially during non-business hours. This will increase the chance of new visitors to your office within 48 hours.


Be keen not to overcrowd the footer as it may end up being distractive and negatively impact your search results. Limit the number of backlinks to 3 or 4 and should always be relevant to your field of practice as well as legal advice.

A footer that’s professionally designed produces better results during online searches as opposed to a cluttered one. With too much information, your footer is more likely to show up even on searches that aren’t related to your practice, so keep it simple.

Social Media

Advertise your online presence through your site. This will also help you to achieve better rankings in the Google search engine. A Facebook page plus Whatsapp number will help you generate and secure more leads. It’s imperative that your social media presence is strong and highly responsive. Content should be updated regularly with relevant information regarding your area of expertise.

Your site should make it easier for your clients to connect with other internet users. They should also be able to share content across various networks. And this will eventually enhance word-of-mouth advertising as well as branding. It is an incredible way to increase your network and reach a wider customer base.

The Bottom-Line

Marketing is quickly changing. Nowadays, people don’t rely on print-based marketing strategies to get the word across. With the internet, you can pitch your law firm services online and get more clients. So, if you want your website to rank high on Google, think SEO. The above are the strategies you need to boost your website’s chances of getting more clients.


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