The Beginners guide to Baccarat


Firstly, you have to ensure that you are not at all scared of the game-Baccarat! This game is a simple card game in comparison to the other games! In casinos, it is considered to be the most enjoying game and the best part is that now thanks to the online casinos, everyone can find a place to enjoy this game. But we have to make sure that you are very clear about the rules of this game, so that you don’t have to feel looked down upon due to lack of knowledge of this game. So, here it begins!

Rules of the game:

  1. There are three bets, Player, Banker and Tie. You have to place the bet that should be equal to the outcome of the hand, in order to win.
  2. Player and Banker will have two cards and one or two of them will have a third card.
  3. Third card decision will be taken by the software that if you will receive a third card or not.
  4. Face and Tens are zero, ace are one and all the other cards are as per their face value.
  5. In the total, the attention is to be given to the final digit of the total.
  6. The one that comes close to 9, wins the game.

For a better understanding of this game, you can visit This link will help you in knowing the game better and it will also help in knowing the tips to win the games. The rules are pretty simple and knowing the tips will be an added advantage. So, without wasting any more time, just go to this link and start playing this game! You will definitely enjoy this game after knowing each and everything about it.

There are some advantages of placing the bet on Banker and the Player. Let us have a look at them:

  • Banker might have slight more chances of winning then the Player. It completely depends upon how the third card is dealt.
  • If you win on Player then you will get to keep all the winning and the extra also. But, if you win on Banker, then you will have to pay a certain amount to get that winning of yours.
  • So, as per the rules, playing on Player will be more advantageous then playing on Banker. But at the end, it depends upon the statistics and the rules of the game that would decide that who will win and who will lose.

Let us have a look at placing a bet on Tie as well.

The payout at placing the bet on Tie is 8:1 ratio. So, you win much more than what you have placed. This is one of the best advantage that we have of placing the bet on Tie. If you are lucky enough then you will definitely win more and more on a Tie bet. You just have to play the game smartly and then it is all yours!

At the end,

What matters the most is not how you play the game, but it is all about how well do you know the game and if you are able to win that game! Winning the game is all that it matters about! From our side, we have given you all the information about the game, still if you need some more help, then please don’t hesitate to go to the link mentioned above and clear the knowledge gap, if any. All the best for all your bets! Keep winning lots and lots of bets!


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