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Mazama Designs announced the launch of its new Bend Bottle on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. The new Bend Bottle combines a stylish and functional insulating jacket with a soft silicone bottle.  The result is a new kind of water bottle that’s packable and easy to carry.  This unique water bottle provides an attractive and ergonomic hydration option for people on-the-go.  The crowdfunding campaign for this new bottle launched on Indiegogo November 7.

Early-bird supporters will receive a free sample Bend Bottle and a discount on their pre-order contribution.

This innovative new water bottle consists of a flexible silicone bottle wrapped ballistic nylon jacket. Bend Bottle features a top spout for sipping or pouring and a wide-mouth screw cap for fill-up at its base.  A quick access cover at the top of the jacket protects the spout when it’s not in use.  The handle and finger loop provide easy carrying and there’s a built-in clip for hooking the bottle to a bag or belt loop.

The 24 oz. Bend Bottle is designed for today’s active lifestyles. There are lots of ways to carry Bend Bottle and it’s sized to fit most cupholders.  The bottle is drink ready with a flip of the cover.  Bend bottle flattens for packing and it won’t break or dent when dropped. The wide mouth opening handles ice cubes readily and the jacket’s insulating layer helps keep water cold. The food-grade silicone bottle is dishwasher safe and contains no BPA.

Mazama Designs founder Matt Hoskins says, “We’re excited to add Bend Bottle to our suite of hydration products.  What started out as a concept for a fashionable bottle cover has evolved into a very practical solution for drinking on-the-go.  We think this bottle has a lot versatility and by introducing it on Indiegogo, our customers can help shape its design and use to make it the best product possible.”

Pre-ordered Bend Bottle product will initially be available in two colors — Raspberry and Pacific Blue.  The first 400 supporters will receive a free Bend Bottle in appreciation for their involvement.  Mazama expects to deliver final production units to backer in the Spring of 2019.

Mazama Designs is an outdoor gear development company committed to providing innovative, high-quality products that will enhance your enjoyment and performance.  Our mission is to keep people hydrated so that they can make the most of their outdoor moments. We’re a group of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes with a passion for improving the gear we use every day. Our testing grounds are just out the back door in the high desert country of Central Oregon, where there’s no shortage of gear challenges.  Mazama offers full line of hydration solutions including comfortable, lightweight packs, easy-fill reservoirs, and innovative accessories.  Whether it’s a walk around the block or a wilderness adventure or a mountain biking adventure, our products are designed to make your day better.

The Bend Bottle Indiegogo page can be found at–4/x/17716066#


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