Bend, Oregon-based Element 1 Corp signs Equipment Supply Agreement with Synergy


Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Fuel Cell Buses in China

Element 1 Corp (dba e1), a developer of hydrogen generation technology, announce it has signed an agreement with Guangdong Nation – Synergy Power Technologies Co., LTD. (Synergy), Guangdong Province, China, to deliver a 100-kg-per-day hydrogen generator this year.

The hydrogen generator, based on e1’s patented technology, converts a mixture of methanol and water to high-purity hydrogen. Together, e1 and Synergy are targeting hydrogen refueling stations to support to rollout of fuel-cell buses.

The collaboration with Synergy is expected to result in commercial hydrogen fueling
stations ranging in capacity from 100 kg to 1,000 kg per day. The successful delivery of the first hydrogen generator is expected to lead to a license agreement between e1 and

Last November 8, 2016, the Chinese government announced its commitment to facilitate the adoption of clean energy technology with plans to support the building of hydrogen infrastructure to support 1 million zero-emission vehicles by 2030. The China Hydrogen Infrastructure Development plan provides a clear hydrogen-growth roadmap and targets, and will require China to build at least 300 hydrogen refueling stations by 2025 and more than 1,000 by 2030.

With fuel-cell buses already on the road in Southern China, Synergy is a leading player in China’s ambitious plan to address environmental concerns with adoption of clean-energy urban transportation. Previously, Synergy licensed fuel cell manufacturing rights from Ballard Power Systems, and is poised to begin mass production of fuel-cell buses in the city of Yunfu, Guangdong Province. Presently, there are only five hydrogen stations in China, centered around Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Element 1 is a leading supplier of economical hydrogen generators that are significantly less expensive to own and operate compared to electrolyzers. In addition, the e1 hydrogen generators overcome certain regulatory restrictions limiting bulk hydrogen deliveries.

Dr. Dave Edlund, Chairman and CEO of Element 1 Corp., said, “Fuel cells have become a very important component of China’s five-year plan to invest in clean energy, with Synergy playing a leading role in fulfilling the vision of China’s Hydrogen Economy. With e1’s proven hydrogen generation technologies, we are dedicated to help the country realize the scale-up and commercialization of hydrogen energy, and are very excited to collaborate with Synergy on this project.” Dr. Edlund concluded, “This announcement follows e1’s May announcement of a joint venture to commercialize fuel cell systems for China’s telecom market, and further illustrates e1’s commitment to China and their rapidly growing hydrogen economy.”

Element 1 Corp:
Element 1 designs and develops novel processes to enable commercialization of cleanenergy and alternative-energy technology. Through licensing our IP to strategic partners, our mission is to significantly reduce barriers to the adoption of fuel cells for a range of applications, and to reduce the waste and pollution associated with flaring natural gas. For more information about Element 1, please visit


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