Bend Shop Specializes in Fitting Central & Eastern Oregon Women with Prosthesis Post-mastectomy


(Photo | Courtesy of Mariposa Wig & Post-Mastectomy Boutique)

Breast cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer for women and the fourth-leading cause of death from cancer for Oregonians, is often talked about in the context of battling the disease.

But what is less talked about is the day-to-day reality for women fighting or perhaps recovering, which often both take a toll on a woman’s body and confidence.

For Lori Sensenbach, co-owner of Mariposa Wig & Post-Mastectomy Boutique, helping patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer find products that help them feel and look better is personal.

“I was inspired to become a Certified Mastectomy Fitter after I witnessed my best friend, Dana, struggle with her appearance following her mastectomy,” said Sensenbach, who purchased Prosthetics by Lynda in 2019 and rebranded the business to Mariposa in the spring of 2020. “Unfortunately, Dana didn’t survive, but her memory lives on in our business.”

After selling their Home Instead business in 2017, Lori and her husband Todd were looking for a new business that could make a difference in the lives of others and the community. They discovered there were few retailers outside of Portland and Eugene offering mastectomy needs services.

“I feel we are helping women move forward with their lives and making a difference in the Central and Eastern Oregon cancer survivor community,” said Sensenbach, who does not have breast cancer but gets herself checked regularly. “On average, over 3,000 women in Oregon get breast cancer every year. We are here to support them through their healing process.”

In addition to post-mastectomy fittings, Mariposa carries mastectomy bras, swimsuits and compression and lymphedema products. They also offer the largest selection of wigs, hats and headwear in Central Oregon.

Mariposa is open by appointment Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm.


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