Bend Storage & Transfer Bend’s Original Moving Company


(Photo, Courtesy of Bend Storage & Transfer)

Meet Nancy Lee Lynch, who owns and guides Bend Storage & Transfer as she helps the community’s moving needs.

Nancy grew up in San Diego, California and made her way to Bend with her husband, James Lynch, in the mid 1970’s. She bought an established moving company with James in 1981, took over ownership in the early 2000’s and now leads the company on her own with compassion for both her employees and the people she is moving.

Nancy gives a lot of guidance and understanding to people as they undertake the large task of moving. She patiently answers questions and shows understanding as changes come and real estate deals shift. As she walks through the house to create an estimate she has the time to chat, greet children and of course love the animals who will be a part of the move. She truly takes the time to make connections and help people be more at ease as they begin the
moving process.

Bend Storage & Transfer began as a moving company and coal transfer station in 1922, back when homes were heated with coal in Bend. No longer involved in coal for many decades, she has kept the name for nostalgia and history. Bend Storage & Transfer is the local agent for United Van Lines which allows her to move people anywhere in the world. Nancy often tells people she can move them across the street or around the world, they just need to choose.

As an employer, Nancy listens to the individual needs of each employee and does her best to accommodate any circumstances that may arise. In return, she has greatly increased the longevity of her employees with Bend Storage & Transfer. She is always approachable and willing to listen as problems arise, personal circumstances change and employees need to talk. She keeps a cat in the office as a companion and therapy animal for both employees and customers.

Nancy has been a quiet supporter of Bethlehem Inn, Special Olympics, Bend Spay and Neuter project and Quote club. She has a large heart and always shows her empathy toward those in need.

When away from the office you will likely find Nancy golfing.


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