What Are The Benefits of Running Your Business From A Storage Unit


Venturing out into the competitive business realm can be very tough on aspiring entrepreneurs. Start-up costs and location scouting can prove to be all too much for many fledgling businesses, signalling the demise of many.

Growing numbers of SMEs are combating this trend, taking up residency in storage units.

To many, the idea of working in a self storage unit brings to mind visions of sitting in a grim, windowless box. The experience of these SMEs is actually quite the opposite! Far from the traditional standard self storage unit, the storage spaces they operate in act as fully-functioning, breathable workspaces.

These storage unit workspaces offer budding businesses a wealth of benefits that help them retain a competitive edge on the market.

So, why exactly are so many entrepreneurs running their businesses out of these spaces?


One of the major attractions of working from a self storage unit is the sheer flexibility it offers.

This flexibility is much needed for businesses that are undergoing rapid growth or who experience fluctuating seasonal and cyclical booms in profitability.

Traditional office space leases can be restrictive. Many businesses find themselves confined to rental agreements that tie them into impractical workspaces for months – the cost of upholding these agreements may be to the detriment of other aspects of the business.

These worries do not apply to storage unit workspaces. Businesses working in them can easily upgrade or downgrade the size of space they require according to their needs, as and when they need to, without any penalties.

For example, eCommerce businesses facing the Christmas rush can procure a larger storage unit with ease. Come January, when business quietens down, they can opt for a small unit again. This level of flexibility is almost impossible to achieve with traditional office spaces.

Storage unit facilities offer flexibility in operating hours too. Businesses who need to put in some overtime or require early or late access to their unit can do so easily, which is often not achievable in standard office buildings.



Storage unit workspaces are an incredibly cost-effective option in comparison to traditional office spaces.

These working units are exempt from council tax and business rates, so the resulting cost of renting a storage unit workspace is significantly lowered.

Moreover, costs like Wi-Fi and heating are generally included in the agreed unit rental rate, so businesses working in these spaces aren’t faced with any hidden costs.

Maintenance and repairs in communal social areas and meeting rooms in the storage facilities also fall under the responsibility of storage facility management, again saving these businesses money on the upkeep of their premises.

Renting a storage unit workspace frees up money to allow these businesses to invest in other areas that will help them to grow, rather than simply working to pay an extortionate rent.



As a facility specifically designed to keep goods secure, security is an obvious appeal of operating out of a storage unit.

Storage facilities have 24/7 surveillance and special access entry codes, so business-owners can relax, knowing that their belongings will remain untouched by anyone outside the business. Working from a home office doesn’t offer anywhere near this level of security, nor does storing goods in a work van.

Businesses like eCommerce stores are particularly drawn by the security also afforded by the climate controlled conditions of storage units. The temperature and humidity controls in place ensure that all of their wares are kept in perfect condition.

These climate controls are not so stringently adhered to in traditional office spaces or in the average home, and certainly not in work vehicles.


For businesses unable to afford rental rates in office spaces, storage units offer a haven that allows them to separate their home and work lives. It offers an element of organisation to their lives, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Visiting their storage unit workspace helps these workers to slip into the working day mindset, free from distractions of the home. Their workspace can be clutter-free, kitted out with only the essential equipment they need to do their job, rather than being surrounded with all their personal possessions.

Moreover, within the storage unit, they can add an extra level of organisation by renting out more, separate storage space within the facility to store irregularly used possessions, like documents or seasonal stock. This will be easily accessible when they need it, allowing them to keep their actual working space breathable.

A Workspace Revolution

Storage unit workspaces are offering blossoming businesses a fantastic opportunity to thrive.

With lowered overhead costs, very accommodating operating hours, and peace of mind that their goods are safe, it’s not difficult to understand why so many businesses are drawn to them.

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