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In 1791, Congress ratified the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution which reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” With this right to bear arms comes the responsibility to do so in a safe and secure manner.

The best place to secure any firearm is inside a bolted down, securely locked gun safe. There are two main types of gun safe, the handgun safe and the long safe to store your guns safely and securely.

Features of a Safe

Each safe on the market will have key components the gun owner should consider:

1. Lock Type: There is a variety of locks available ranging from the traditional dial mechanism to electronic number pads to biometric data locks.
2. Size: Handgun safes are compact and hidden easily while long gun safes store rifles and other long guns.
3. Destructive properties: Gun safes can be fireproof, waterproof and, most importantly, theft-proof.
4. Location of the gun safe: How much room is available to install the gun safe and will it be easily accessible should you need it.

If your home is invaded, you probably will not have time to run to your gun safe, unlock it and ultimately defend your property. You should hide your long guns in easily accessible, quick-grab locations.

The professionals at Property Guard Master have a wide-ranging list of safety measures and product safety ratings to refer to when you are ready to add security to your home. If it is security-related, you are sure to find something about it on their website.

We have all seen the safe hidden behind the picture in movies and on television. In today’s world, you have to be a bit more creative in your eagerness to conceal long guns.

Here are just a few suggestions on securing and having your long guns at the ready in your home.

Places with little to no modification

A few places to consider that don’t require a great deal of modification to your home and properties are listed below:

• A Non Walk-In Closet – Most closets are shallow and a long gun can be hung on a hook and camouflaged by a hanging coat, stack of sheets or towels, or miscellaneous belongings
• Behind a wall hanging – Select a picture that is average in appearance with a bulky frame or a tapestry and mount your long gun behind it
• A Cabinet – Strap your firearm to the underside of the counter, on the top shelf just out of sight or in the empty space between two cabinets
• Underneath a couch – Remove the fabric underneath the sofa and use the framework of the couch to create a mount
• In the HVAC return vent

Places with some DIY modification

If you aren’t afraid of some light DIY inside your home or property, there are several places that can be easily modified:

• Under the Floors – Carefully cut along the seams of your wood flooring until you can lift a piece that is a bit larger than your long gun. Use a router or rotary tool to carve out the shape of your long gun and replace the floorboard with the gun hidden in it.
• Behind A Tall Dresser – Remove the dresser back, shorten the drawers and replace the back with hidden hinges and a magnetic closure
• In a Secret Wall – Build a false wall or cut the sheetrock to size, mount your gun on the stud and re-mud and paint the sheetrock
• In the Toe Kick of a Cabinet – Remove the bottom of the cabinet and utilize the space underneath to hide a long gun
• On Top of Ducts – In most homes with a basement there is ductwork for the heating and cooling, place the long gun on top
• Inside a Hollow Door

Prefabricated furniture

If you are not all that handy at DIY, you can purchase some unique furniture. A quick search of the internet and you will find concealment furniture in all styles. Some examples are:

• Floating shelves with hidden compartments
• Coffee or Entry Tables with hidden compartments
• Clocks with secret doors
• Sofas with hidden gun safes
• Bed Headboards with hidden compartments
• Bookshelves with false backs and sides
• Tables with false bottoms

In Conclusion

Defending your home and loved ones with a gun is your right as established by the second amendment of the Constitution. Being prepared to protect is your responsibility. There are options beyond a simple gun safe ranging from simple hiding spots to a complete DIY project to a purchase. Anyone seeking to find ways to conceal any type of firearm has that information available with the click of a mouse. To find comprehensive information and testing about products available turn to the professionals at


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