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When it comes to finding the best research paper writing services, you will quickly notice that it is not the easiest thing in the world to do. One of the most difficult parts of being in school or university is having to work on essays. This comes on top of the number of things you have to study or another assignment or academic work you have to deal with. Sometimes, essays are requested for subjects that the student doesn’t master, or from students who are not good at writing essays. This is when research paper services are needed.

A popular research paper service can solve this issue, but only if the student finds the right one. Otherwise, things can go downhill pretty quickly. To make sure you prevent a disaster, knowing how to find a reputable and high-quality service becomes a necessity.

What Is the Best Research Paper Writing Service and How to Find It?

Finding a reliable essay writing service is challenging, mostly because you don’t know who you can trust and who you cannot trust. Therefore, the best term paper writing service often takes a long time to discover.

Students are searching for trustworthy businesses, but all the services they stumble upon look the same. All of them promise the lowest prices on the market, professional writers, and high-quality papers. This doesn’t look too promising, particularly when you’re worried about potentially encountering scams. At that moment, all hope seems lost. This shouldn’t be taken as a discouragement, though.

Finding good term paper writing services is possible by checking out reviews. Whenever you discover a certain essay writing website, you should also be able to find a proper review from it. One way to look for reviews is by checking out TopWritersReview.

This platform was created due to the decision of one single person to help students in need of the best research paper writers. Daniela went to college, and she was good friends with two other people, Diana and Chris. Initially, Daniela’s dream was to become an English teacher. Her friends pursued careers in other places – Diana started teaching Chinese students English, whereas Chris went on to become a freelance writer.

Eventually, Daniela realized that students are struggling with their papers and that they are also struggling to find professional research paper writers. She realized that people had a very difficult time finding legit research paper writing services that also offered high-quality essays. As a result, she discussed with her college friends Diana and Chris, and they all agreed to create TopWritersReview.

On this website, they would provide reviews of every research paper company they come across or gets recommended to them. They make sure to be as unbiased as possible, bringing to light not only the good parts of the writing services but also the bad parts.

TopWritersReview uses certain criteria in order to compile the reviews they have on their site. They are looking at how reliable and trustworthy a writing service is by checking out whether they have plagiarism problems, quality issues, or refund issues. They also verify how safe your private information is.

Then, they research the writers and assess their skills and find out how experienced they are. On top of that, they also analyze the writing services they offer, as well as their prices and the entire payment process. Other things they look for when researching custom essay companies are their legal aspects, blogs, samples, customer support, pricing policies, discounts, and customer satisfaction guarantee.

How to Find Trustworthy Research Paper Writing Services?

Certainly, finding trustworthy research paper writing services is not that easy. You have a lot of research to do until you are sure you can trust a service with your money. But once you know how and where to look, your search can become easier.

Many people turn to read best essay writing service reviews to form an opinion about various essay writing platforms online. The research paper writing service reviews can easily allow them to get an idea about how safe a company is and how it operates.

Here are some of the options available for people who want to find the best research writing services:

  • TopWritersReview

TopWritersReview is where people can get best essay writing service reviews for different writing companies. These reviews are compiled after researching the website as well as the reviews given by former customers. They will reveal whether a company is a professional research paper writing service or a scam.

Reviews posted on TopWritersReview will contain information regarding the essay quality, customer service, pricing, discounts, types of papers, academic levels, and many others. They will also mention when a website that writes essays is not perfect.

  • TrustPilot

When people want to see reviews posted by people who tried websites that write research papers for you, they go to TrustPilot. TrustPilot focuses on websites and actual businesses, and it’s a great way to check reviews that are not under the direct control of the company. While it would also be easy for a business to create fake accounts to promote themselves through fake reviews, it’s also a platform that gives customers a voice.

All types of reviews are accepted, so anyone can leave positive and negative reviews. This way, people will meet no censorship when posting their opinions. They allow a company to improve in areas they are lacking, but they also give possible new customers an insight into what to expect by seeing how the company is rated. This is why TrustPilot is a great source of information for any student who wants to find top research paper writing companies.

  • Reddit

Reddit is a network of communities where people can start a community based on things they are interested in, allowing others to join and share content or questions. Just like that, it also allows people to get information on the best research paper writer services. Communities made specifically for this purpose exist.

Sometimes, people post questions such as “What is the best research paper writing service?” and people talk about their good or bad experiences with certain companies they hired. In other situations, people simply find a specific essay writing company themselves, and they ask people whether it is legitimate or not. Former customers rush in to talk about their opinion and experience, so people can decide to stay away or hire the company.

Choosing the Best Research Paper Writing Services in USA

There is a large variety of research paper writing services in the United States, but not all of them are great. It’s not uncommon to find research paper writing companies that promise the moon and the stars for a cheap price, only to realize they are unable to deliver their promises.

So, anyone who is asking “Which is the best website to write my research paper in the United States?” needs to do some research. To find a high-quality service, students need to look into the site’s experience or how long they are operating for, how good the writers are, how much variety they have and, of course, how safe they are.

Sites like GrabMyEssay, Nerdify, and Pro Essay Writing are websites that have high ratings in a lot of places. They have advantages, but that doesn’t mean that students should refrain from doing research. The best website to write research paper is the website that caters to your needs.

To determine which one is the right one for you, you should start by reading every single review you can find. Then, check out whether the company can work on research papers, homework, coursework, or the type of content you need right now. More often than not, there will be a list of services where you can read whether the site offers such services.

You also need to check the prices and make sure the company is affordable, but also not too cheap. Look for discounts as well. For more information, you can always contact customer support and ask for more details.

Criteria for the Best Paper Writing Services

Anyone looking to hire the best research paper writing websites should be able to use specific criteria to determine the quality of the services they are about to pay for. Here are some criteria that should be used as guidance:

  • Pricing

It’s easy to be tempted by low prices, but there is also a limit. Nobody should instantly go with a certain service because the prices are extremely low. No good service will work for you almost for free. More often than not, the writing companies have prices around $20 per page, or they start around that price. Anything too low is a red flag. For example, nobody should easily go with something that promises to work for a price of less than $10.

Ideally, the pricing should be decent, not too low nor too high.

  • Writer Quality and Experience

In order to get good-quality research papers, students looking into research paper writing services should research the experience of the writers and how they work. This is easy to discover through the reviews of the website. While a lot of companies will list several degrees for their writers or simply praise the writers, it’s not always true that they are experienced and skilled. The reviews left by people will tell you if this is true or not.

Essay services should also have some samples on their website, which can help a student see the writing style they might receive if they place an order. The web content is also important to look into. If there are any grammar problems, maybe it’s an indicator that the company is not what it claims.

  • Customer Service

Any high-quality research paper writing service will have exemplary customer service. The representatives should be able to help their customers at all times and know how to handle several issues related to essay quality or refunds. Luckily, anyone can find out how good the customer service is by checking out customer reviews.

  • Variety

Most of the time, good companies offer several things, making the service accessible for a larger amount of people. That being said, the company should offer more than just research papers. They should offer thesis and dissertation work as well, for instance, or homework, scientific assignments, essays, and so on. Besides, there should be several academic levels, like high school, college, and Ph.D., as well as different deadlines and different subjects for the essays. Apart from that, they should also offer editing or proofreading services.

  • Fast Delivery

You want to make sure your research paper is being delivered fast, but also that you receive something of high quality. This is something that all students should consider. Usually, writing services have different deadlines available, but they should also make sure they send the finished work by then. If they send it later than specified, the student risks getting a bad grade or losing a scholarship. A pro company will always deliver the papers in a quick time, by the specified date and time, or even earlier.

Price for Writing Services

Writing services calculate prices based on several things. They will price based on the academic level, type of work they have to provide, number of pages, and deadline. So, even if their price starts at $19 per page, it may increase when you want something longer or more advanced.

For instance, Ph.D. students may pay more per page due to the advanced nature of the academic level. A thesis or dissertation may also cost a lot because of how long it is.

It’s always important for any student to choose a service that is decently priced. That means that the essays or research papers should not be too cheap or too expensive. Also, there may be discounts, so it’s important to look for those too if the assignment requested is more expensive.

Tips for Getting Most Benefits from a Company You Hire

If you want to get the most benefits from a company you hire, here is what you should consider:

  • Make Sure the Company is Legit

Many companies try to scam people who are not suspecting the dangers. This is why, before paying for any service, the site visitor should look for details like a valid address, phone number, and a privacy policy.

If you cannot find anything of the sort or the wording is too vague, chances are it’s a scam. To get the most out of a company, you need to make sure it’s real first.

  • Check for SSL Certificate

Way too many sites are not secured, meaning that if you introduce your payment information, you risk having it stolen. All legit websites should have an SSL certificate to prevent putting customers at risk. Most times, fake writing companies will not be secured, but unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know about the danger. Make sure to check whether the site has a valid certificate.

  • Make Sure They Don’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism is a severe issue, and if you end up paying for something plagiarized, recovering your money may be hard. If you have no idea it’s plagiarized and submit it, you risk getting a terrible grade from your teacher.

So, check out whether the company had plagiarism issues in the past. If they did, then you may want to reconsider working with them.

Should You Trust Best Term Paper Writing Service Reviews?

Best research paper writing service reviews can be trusted as long as they are checked on good websites that the business has no control over. The testimonials you see on the site of the writing services are generally not legit unless they are top research paper writing services reviews shared from TrustPilot or a similar site. For this reason, you shouldn’t trust any overly positive reviews found on the official website of the company.

You should also make sure you do not blindly trust comments on social media posts, and the same goes with reviews if they are repetitive. Some companies tend to create fake accounts to drop positive reviews and grow their audience. Stay away if you see something like this.

Check the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy will reveal a lot about a company and how it protects your private information. You should also look into it and see if it’s detailed and if your data will be protected. An inexistent policy or a policy worded vaguely is a sign that the company may be a scam.


  • Are research paper services worth it?

Research paper services are worth it when you are running out of time, or you don’t know how typing an essay works. However, they are only worth it if you pick something legit.

  • Do paper writing services plagiarize?

Legit paper writing services do not plagiarize, but the risk is there still depending on the service and the writer. Scam services will usually plagiarize, though.

  • How fast can I get a research paper?

You can get your paper in a few days or a few hours, depending on when you decide on the deadline.

  • Do paper writing websites protect my identity and confidentiality?

Yes, they do if they are real services with website security and a proper privacy policy in place.

  • What factors should I pay attention to when selecting the best online essay writing services?

You should look into the writers’ experience, prices, discounts, site and blog content, samples, and reviews.

  • Is buying research papers online safe?

If the site is secured and keeps your information confidential, buying research papers is safe.


Finding expert research paper writing services is hard, but not impossible. If you know what to look at, you should always be able to find helpers or recommended reliable companies. Nobody should ever trust a company that shows any red flags. It’s important to carefully read any report left by any reviewer.


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