How to Best Use Social Media for the Casino Industry


Almost irrespective of the industry, there is no way to go around social media these days and the casino business is no exception. However, gambling and social media were not two things that mixed well in terms of marketing up until a few years ago, so everyone may not even be aware of how to go about it. This is why it might be worth taking a look at the following points regarding how to best utilize social media to promote the casino industry.

Marketing Campaigns on Facebook

Instagram might be newer, but when it comes to marketing, Facebook is by far, the most potent place for it. The marketing tools which the social media website provides access to are nothing short of brilliant for the business owners. Everything from app/site promotions by presenting targeted ads to a select group or even individuals, to running contests and other promotional campaigns on the official company page, Facebook is the most important aspect of social media marketing for casinos today.

Starting a YouTube Channel

While everyone instantly thinks of Google when a search engine is mentioned, YouTube is actually the second most popular search engine on the internet, right after its parent company. Aside from that, YouTube has another great advantage when it comes to marketing and it’s the fact that it’s a video platform. Any good marketer knows that video is the most useful media marketing tool right now, so opening a YouTube channel and uploading interesting content related to your casino business is a win-win scenario really. Initially, you can also start with YouTube ads and promotions as well.

In-Game Social Media Integration

In its essence, casino games are still games and if you can make your online casino games a social experience, it instantly becomes a marketing tool for you as well. Encouraging people to connect to the game via their social media account by offering rewards is a proven way through the use of which games like Candy Crush, 8 Ball Pool, Criminal Case etc. have become extremely successful and popular at the same time and there is no reason why the casino industry can’t replicate the same success by taking a few cues from them. Rewards for regular in-game interactions with existing and new users on social media can be huge for the casino business, if utilized properly.

Social media accounts on just about any platform are an excellent source for data that would help the casino industry in identifying their target audience. The more data you are able to successfully gather and decipher, the bigger your potential customer list will be and in terms of marketing, that’s a gold mine which every industry out there is trying to get their share from. The most successful and the biggest online casinos such as Caesars Casino Online are already taking advantage of social media to its full extent, but some of the other names in the industry still have a lot to catch up on.


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