(Photo above: Jasmine and family | Photo Courtesy of Bethlehem Inn)

Transforming Lives

Each day Bethlehem Inn staff and volunteers strive to achieve our mission of transforming lives with shelter, help and hope through the provision of a safe, secure and accountable environment, nutritious meals, hot showers, clothing and access to support services for people experiencing homelessness.

At any given time, the Inn staff provides seventy-ninety people with the basics of survival. Through effective case management and day-to-day accountability, the Inn promotes forward movement in the lives of people who are in crisis.

Over the past two years, the Inn has provided over 1,700 adults and children with 55,317 nights of shelter and 147,140 meals. 1,732 food boxes were distributed to exiting residents and others in need.

A brief story is very often the most effective way of sharing how the community’s support enables Bethlehem Inn help disadvantaged people in our community:

Jasmine knew she had to break away from an abusive partner. The situation wasn’t best for her family, so Jasmine moved them into a trailer. Her job ended, but she successfully found two new jobs. But like so many others, Jasmine just couldn’t stretch what little money she made to cover a
full month.
This desperate mom and her children ended up in a motel. A Family Access Network (FAN) advocate told Jasmine about Bethlehem Inn. Not knowing what to expect, she was worried about “shelter living”. But she called anyway and was welcomed by Inn staff.

Jasmine’s worries melted away in no time and she now says of the Inn, “Amazing. Helpful. I can’t even describe it. The kids and I felt safe and connected to necessary medical and dental services and so much more.”
Jasmine now has the knowledge to guide her in making the right choices for her children’s future and the tools to make sure her family lives a
healthy life.


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