Bill Moseley Announces Candidacy for Bend City Council


Software entrepreneur advocates healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem, focus on key city services.

Bill Moseley, founder and CEO of Bend-based software company GL Solutions, announced his candidacy for the Bend City Council. Moseley is running for Position #2 on the Council, currently held by Doug Knight.

“Bend is at a crossroads of our own making. Our middle class is shrinking, and an increasing number of people can’t afford to live here. We need to stop fighting the growth wars, and focus on real solutions to our problems, so that Bend remains the best place to live, anywhere,” Moseley said.

Moseley founded software company GL Solutions in Bend in 1998. The company, which provides software to state government agencies, has grown to over 60 employees in Bend, with customers around the country. Moseley was a founding member and former chair of the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board, the citizen committee tasked with improving the economic climate in Bend.

Moseley says he will bring much-needed experience from Bend’s fast-growing high tech sector to the Council. He supports fostering a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem, which starts with ensuring that people who work for a living can afford to live in Bend.

“When well-paid software engineers and police officers cannot find housing in Bend, you know we have a very serious problem. If employees can’t find housing, our economy can’t continue to diversify and generate better-paying jobs. Rather than focusing on pet projects that squander money and attention, the City Council must focus its attention on the basics, like repairing our streets and ensuring there is an adequate supply of land for housing.”

In addition to his service on BEDAB, Moseley is a former board member and president of Bend business advisory group Opportunity Knocks. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science, a law degree, and a master’s in public administration (city management) from the University of Kansas. Moseley is married, and is father to four children.


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    Preston Callicott on

    What a great candidate! Bill’s skills and background makes for very strong addition to the city council. Let’s hope the community takes the time to get familiar with Bill, and votes him on. This seat has two capable candidates, the incumbent and Bill Moseley.

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    Jeffrey Clark on

    I would have to disagree Preston. One must look at how he runs his business and treats his employees. His employees are amount the unhappiest around–overworked and underpaid. An employee must be willing to work 46+ hours a week to stay, but then that over-time is taken out of their paycheck as a part an “Incentive Program”. It is really quite an interesting system.

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