Brooks Law Group Is Raising Accident Awareness for All Drivers


Motor vehicle accidents have claimed the lives of more than 40,000 motorists in the U.S. for several consecutive years now. Clearly, more needs to be done to make the roads safer.  

The attorneys at Brooks Law Group want to help. The Florida personal injury law firm is dedicated to raising awareness of accidents to improve road safety and save lives. 

So, what is accident awareness and why is it so important?

What is Accident Awareness?

With accidents all too common in the U.S., the attorneys at Brooks Law Group says it would be easy to reduce the number of fatalities by thousands if people were simply more aware of the dangers they face whenever they get behind the wheel.

Accident awareness is about promoting the ideas of good car maintenance and positive driving habits. Simple lessons like not using your cell phone and appreciating the dangers of a wet road could save thousands of lives.

It all sounds so easy, but U.S. motorists aren’t necessarily taking the advice learned in accident awareness campaigns and putting them into action. 

The Risks of the Road

Did you know it only takes a moment for your life to change forever?

Distracted driving, drunk driving, and reckless driving are three leading causes of auto accidents in the U.S. These dangerous behaviors have one thing in common: they are all completely preventable.

There’s no telling the damage that can be caused to you and others because of a single second of looking down to check your Facebook messages.

Whether it’s a head injury, an amputated limb, or fatal injury, a single action can change the lives of you and the ones you love forever. 

Accident Awareness Means Driving Defensively

The Brooks Law Group realizes that most drivers understand that the roads can be a dangerous place. Yet many choose to violate traffic laws anyway. The consequences of their choices can be catastrophic if an accident occurs. 

Examples of dangerous driving behaviors include: 

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Disregarding traffic signals
  • Unsafe lane changes 
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Tailgating
  • Racing
  • Road rage

Unfortunately, the only driving we can control on the road is our own. As a motorist, you can choose to avoid making driving errors that endanger yourselves and others. 

You can also be proactive in protecting yourself by driving defensively. Remain aware of the other drivers around you. If you observe someone driving erratically, carefully maneuver away from the vehicle and consider calling law enforcement. 

The Importance of Good Car Maintenance

An often-forgotten area of good driving is car maintenance. Failing to maintain your vehicle makes it vulnerable to breakdowns or equipment failures that increase the chances of an accident. 

Brooks Law Group has handled many auto accident claims in which negligent maintenance has come into play. Examples of poor maintenance include: 

  • Underinflated and worn tires
  • Spark plug problems
  • Worn brake pads
  • Infrequent oil changes
  • Dirty or cracked mirrors
  • Malfunctioning lights and turn signals
  • Defective parts 

Many crashes can be avoided with routine vehicle maintenance. However, sometimes crashes happen due to manufacturing flaws or other design problems that are out of the driver’s control. Personal injury attorneys can help crash victims with defective products claims as well.

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