Why Your Business Should be Going Green


Growing concerns about the impact of climate change on the environment have led many companies to reassess their processes in order to make them greener. The impact of doing so doesn’t just benefit the planet, but it can have the same effect on your staff, your customers and even your bank balance.

It can increase your profits

Recycling isn’t just the socially responsible choice for your business, it’s also one that can make a real difference to your bottom line. When you recycle all of you cans, paper, glass and other materials you have less waste to put in your bins and dumpsters. No matter how small your business, you are likely to be paying some kind of waste management fee, but recycling makes it possible to cut down on the cost. A reduction in volume could make it easier to negotiate for a lower fee, but you can also make money back by selling your sorted waste materials directly to a recycling facility.

It could cost less than you think

Growing concerns about the state of the environment mean there is an increasing number of non-profits and government agencies providing a range of incentives for businesses to become greener. Having an official recycling program in place will allow you to more closely track your output and make it easier for you to qualify for a green grant or other funding that can be used to cut your carbon emissions further still.

If you deal with large amounts of cardboard or plastic packaging, you might want to use the money to invest in a baler. This will not only reduce the space your waste occupies but can also earn money for your firm through resale to recycling facilities.

In addition to the initial cost of the baler itself, you also need to factor in the ongoing cost of associated consumable such a baling wire. The specific products you need will vary according to the size of your baler and the materials you are recycling, but at balingwiredirect.com you’ll find a range of options to meet all your baling requirements.

Your employees will be happier

As a society, America is becoming more and more concerned with environmental issues. Consumers are becoming increasingly influenced by the green credentials of the companies they do business with, and a new generation of potential employees are also more likely to be drawn to a company that can show a serious commitment towards green causes.

In addition to confirming a high level of corporate social responsibility, simple acts like having dedicated recycling bins available throughout the workspace can also boost morale. Making it easy for employees to do their bit for the environment rather than forcing them to go out of their way to do their recycling will clearly demonstrate that their needs are important to you.

Your customers will appreciate you more

Although the public perception of your company should not be your primary motivation for introducing more sustainable business practices, there is little doubt that in the current environment were every corporate slip-up is instantly reported on social media, that being more environmentally conscious will enhance your reputation among consumers. Although the cost of doing so may initially impact negatively on your profits, the cost of failing to do so is likely to have a far greater negative effect in the not too distant future.


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