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TIGERS Success Series is launching web-based training for Project Managers and Human Resource professionals on how to use the TIGERS Team WheelGame and Team Development Tool Kit for building highly cohesive, cooperative, and successful teams. Used over the past 23 years for significant corporate change efforts requiring high levels of employee engagement to improve workplace cooperation and trust, training begins on March 8 with three additional courses scheduled for the year.

TIGERS Success Series Founder Dianne Crampton conducted primary research on what employees need to succeed and thrive in the workplace. The findings were straightforward. Employees thrive in a workplace that resonates with respect, trust, cooperation, honest communication, civility, loyalty and understanding between people. What employees don’t want is backbiting, intolerance, lack of growth opportunity, inconsistency, lack of communication and confusion over roles and responsibilities. The tools participants acquire when attending the training address all these issues and these tools can be used repeatedly.

“Since the economic recovery of the late 1980s and early 1990s, we learned that change efforts frequently fail if initiated by leaders and then are projected onto employees. This is especially true if employees are disengaged, which according to recent Gallup polls show an alarming number of employees in the disengaged and actively disengaged category,” said Crampton.

“Taking what we learned in our merger work with Costco and change efforts with Boeing and Northrop Grumman using our proprietary TIGERS Team Wheel™ team development and facilitation process to launch employee-driven strategies, change occurred remarkably fast. One reason we have identified is that employee driven solutions, which improve how teams work together and communicate was championed by employees. This made it much easier for supervisors to manage.”

The TIGERS Team Wheel game is a proven leadership and team development facilitation tool for newly forming and existing teams. It structures highly focused employee problem solving conversations that cuts short the stage of team growth called “storming” that is often plagued by confusion, misunderstandings, and conflict. It also teaches behaviors that build strong teams and illuminates behaviors that make teams less productive.

The four individual course dates for the TIGERS Team Wheel facilitation training that consist of five one and a half hour sessions are March 8, May 23, September 5 and November 28.

“The courses are live and recorded for reinforcement and play back. I am closing each course once they reach 15 attendees to ensure maximum discussion opportunity for participants, which seems to be a defect of other on-line trainings,” said Crampton. “We have a commitment to participant engagement, which is inherent in face to face training and we wanted to eliminate travel expenses and days away from work for participants, too.”

The course is appropriate for internal trainers, team leaders, project managers and other HR department personnel. It is also appropriate for founding entrepreneurial teams and for volunteer coordinators of larger nonprofit agencies. Along with training, participants also receive the TIGERS Team Wheel Game and support materials for ongoing use and several bonus gifts that support the team development process.

Training courses are now open for enrollment by registering online. The fee for the complete five session training course, TIGERS Team Wheel Game and Tool Kit, and bonus gifts is $1,497.


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