Are businesses stepping up to be future-ready?


If you own a business then am pretty sure there is a way which you are preparing for the future. This is mostly in terms of a digital strategy which will definitely maximize your income.

THE inaugural Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP), was recently concluded in Singapore. It was attended by business experts, government representatives and various stakeholders to talk about Industry 4.0.  The dialogue got to discuss how uneven technology innovation in Asia was.

There are new businesses like that are coming up, and they are implementing new technologies. Betway, for instance, has ensured it collects money through new methods like Bitcoin to ensure it is future ready. However, there is more to it.

Industry 4.0 is the name given to represent the current innovation which has occurred due to digital manufacturing. The fourth industrial started when businesses and industries started to adapt to computers and automation. The autonomous data system is fueled by machine learning.

The question which lingers on most entrepreneurs mind is whether businesses know the implications of not participating in the fourth industrial adoption. Is your business ready?

The Top Ways to Help Your Business be Future Ready

Well, here are a few ways which business are using to revolutionize to the new Industry 4.0

  • Augments Reality/Virtual Reality

In the past Augmented Reality (AR) and  Virtual Reality (VR) used to only be linked to science. However, the landscape has changed.

Businesses have already adapted to AR and VR. They are allowing business and customers to interact and connect in ways which seemed impossible.

AR and VR are allowing business to simulate, train, demonstrates products and services in better ways. For instance, Virtual Reality allows businesses to access areas which would seem too dangerous to simulate in any other way. Moreover, VR can simulate training for employees.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has some sort of reality which is associated with it. There is already hype which has somehow divided people to those who are against the whole idea and those who are for AI.

AI has proven to be very beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly think of mobile phone secretaries or-or/7 factories. In short, AI has gone ahead to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of doing business.

The rise of technology has led to the creation of AI which can teach itself its own rules. This means it can be able to tap its cognition and perform tasks which only humans could do in the past.

For instance, a business which cannot afford a data analyst can easily use the AI. This means the AI can tap into the business servers(cloud) and easily perform the tasks of a data analyst.

Robots have been released from their cages and now they are increasing business efficiency and productivity. Robots are everywhere from hospitals, schools and industries. They are busy performing more tasks which their forebears could.

Technology has resulted in robots who can perform more than one task. Businesses have already adapted to them like Amazon. They use drones in their delivery systems.


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