Central Oregon Locavore Launches Adopt-A-Farmer Program


(Graphic Below | Courtesy of Central Oregon Locavore)

Central Oregon Locavore nonprofit is proud to launch a corporate and individual sponsorship opportunity via a program called “Adopt-A-Farmer.” The Adopt-A-Farmer sponsorship program is based on the concept that a rising tide rises all boats, and supports the interconnectedness of the local foodscape in Central Oregon. All donations to Locavore, a 501c3 nonprofit, are used to support local farmers. Helping local farmers rise to their greatest solvency and potential allows farmers to give back to our community. We see this contribution in the form of food donations, increased wages to their workers, a path to keeping more money in our local economy and a greater connection between the food we eat and the land in which we live. When one of us is thriving, the other will thrive too.The program was developed to help potential sponsors better understand and connect with the mission that guides Locavore, and how their donations directly benefit not only local food producers, but the environment, the economy and the community as a whole. Corporate sponsors become “stewards of health,” and not just donors.

The Adopt-A-Farmer program boasts beautifully illustrated infographics demonstrating how local food positively impacts the environment, rebuilds soil health, provides greater nutrient density and wellness, decreases the use of fossil fuels, champions animal welfare, promotes food security, stimulates the local economy and builds community. Adopt a Farmer participants enjoy many benefits for their generosity including public acknowledgements, promotion on Locavore’s social media platforms and access to exclusive farm to table dinners.

“Farming in Central Oregon is wild! Bringing water to 30 pigs when the hoses and pipes are frozen can present a real challenge. But we do it. We solve issues, we rebuild infrastructure, we support the growth of healthy animals and gorgeous vegetables,” says Julie Reber, of Freedom Rock Farm in Bend. “Central Oregon Locavore gives us a place to offer our products for all to enjoy, year-round! COL helps us understand the market value of the product, the best way to package it and ultimately, the programs they offer help us make enough money to reinvest in next year’s crops. There is no other marketplace that offers this full realm of support, guidance and education. If it wasn’t for COL, the challenges we face in farming may have been too strong to overcome, but with the nurturing and supportive environment of COL, we keep coming back for more!”

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a sponsor of Locavore and helping our local food community thrive, visit the website at centraloregonlocavore.org/adopt-a-farmer or email to info@centraloregonlocavore.org.



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