Central Oregon’s Hayden Homes Listed as Best Place to Work for in the State


Hayden Homes was recently named the best company to work for in Oregon, according to an annual work culture survey published by Oregon Business magazine. The survey was based on a roundup of over 10,000 confidential surveys from workplaces across the state. The criteria analyzed several areas of the company, such as performance management, work environment, trust, decision-making, and career development.

“It is humbling and inspiring to be recognized as the ‘Best Company to Work’ For by our employees and Oregon Business,” Steve Klingman, President of Hayden Homes said in a statement. “We earned the number one spot on this list because of our team members who bring the Hayden Homes’ culture to life and are dedicated to making our world a better place to live.”

Hayden Homes is a home building business that was founded in 1989 in Redmond, and has since then built over 16,000 homes across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The team started as a married duo who had experience and passion for land development and real estate. Robert Watson, owner of the company, quickly became an active member of the Central Oregon community, and the mayor of Redmond approached him about designing and building homes that hardworking families could afford. Thus, Hayden Homes was born.

The Hayden Homes mission statement remains true to the core values the company was founded upon: “If we approach everything we do with a spirit of generosity, we can build fulfillment for our homeowners, team members, the communities in which we build and the entire Northwest,” their website states.

Building a great business from the ground up requires a commitment to both to your customers and to your employees. Company culture is crucial to success. An unhappy staff has proven to be not only less productive, but can also trickle down to your customers.

Working with your community is also crucial. Pablos Holman, an entrepreneur and keynote speaker at last month’s Economic Development for Central Oregon luncheon, encouraged potential and current business owners to step outside of their comfort zones and embrace the unknown. He urged the community to get together and support one another when it comes to testing products and investing.

Marketing is another important area for new and established business owners in Central Oregon should keep in mind. Once business owners have taken the appropriate steps towards building a foundation for their team and clients, they have to be able to reach those clients through the right channels and with the right messaging.

For example, if a plumbing business wanted to spread brand awareness—or potentially partner with a real estate development company like Hayden Homes—they might hire an agency that specializes in plumber SEO services. This would allow the company to reach a highly-targeted audience using search engine optimization tactics that are unique to their industry and niche. “When you rank well in search engine results, people will see your company’s name before they see any of your competitors,” says eWebResults. “Having that instant brand recognition can really pay off when clients start comparing businesses and reaching out.”

Business owners hoping to make it onto next year’s list should focus on getting in front of their target market, retaining those customers, and keeping their teams happy. It may prove useful to take a look at some of the other businesses listed in Oregon Business magazine’s “Best Places to Work” list. Each ranked entry includes the magazine’s reason for why the company was chosen. Here’s what the magazine had to say about Hayden Homes:

“Employees here praise a smart management team that leads by example. The workday is full of flexibility and variety. Employees thrive in a positive, family-style work environment with “limitless” potential for personal growth. They value the company’s philanthropic programs and have a sense of giving back to the community.”


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