Certified Birth Certificates, what is this?


Ever since you were born, your parents started documenting your life. Different parents have different ways of keeping track of important milestones that their kids achieve. Some make videos of their children. They start in a baby’s infancy and record each silly thing that their child does. Then come the child’s first step and the first word. The first day of school is a huge thing for every parent. Many take pictures that get end up on the fridge for good. The first test or the first prize is also a sense of pride for parents. Your every achievement, whether small or big, is a huge thing for your parents, and they celebrate it in different ways.

But along with pictorial and video proof of your progress, your parents also hold on to important documents for you until you become an adult and can manage things on your own. Included in the bundle of documents that your parents keep safe is your birth certificate. A birth certificate is the most important document for a person as it is the legal proof of their existence. Along with your certificate, your parents also keep your academic documents so if you ever need such documents, ring up your parents and there is a 100% chance that they will have those documents with them.

What is a Birth Certificate?

This certificate is a record of a person’s birth. It records various thing about a child like the name of the child, place, date, and time of birth, and names of the parents among other things. Some countries also require the parents to state their age and religion for the birth certificate. It also proves that a child born on a particular date is the citizen of this country.

The Importance of a Birth Certificate:

The people who have never had to visit a government office to prove that they are a legal citizen of their country don’t know the importance of this piece of paper. If you have a birth certificate that means your country has a record of your birth and will protect your rights accordingly. But it is not merely a legal proof of your existence, it is also essential for various other things. You can’t get your driving license without your birth certificate. School admission only becomes possible with the help of this very document.

This powerful certificate also proves your relationship with your parents and make you eligible for their inheritance and other benefits. Another thing that’s impossible without it, is immigration.

When you are applying for immigration to a country, you have to present your birth certificate. If you don’t do that, the embassy or immigration services will have no proof of your existence and will be forced to reject your application. No legal benefits can be obtained without this basic document and you can’t ask the state to protect your rights if there is no record of your registration in state’s records.

Translation of Birth Certificates:

As stated already, this kind of certificates of each country are different, that means they are in the official language of that country. So when a person wants to apply for immigration or for college admission in another country, they will have to get their certificate translated in the language of that country.

If you are applying for immigration to the US then your first step should be to go through the rules mentioned on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ website. Everything you need for your immigration application is listed on the website. The USCIS clearly states that if your certificate is in a language other than English then you will have to get it translated.

Now you may think that you can translate birth certificates yourself because you know English well but when it comes to documents of such significance, you will need a certified translation, something you just can’t do on your own.

The Need of Certified Translations:

A translation carried out by a language expert or a professional agency certified by the American Translation Association is called certified translations. Certified translations come with the seal of accuracy and that is why they are specifically asked for by government and academic institutions. Whether you are applying for immigration or a study visa, a certified translation of your birth certificate is a must. Don’t try to translate it on your own or take your friend seriously when they claim to translate this kind of certificates. Certified translations of a birth certificate can be the deciding factor in your immigration application. The right translation can help you get settled in your dream country or get admission in the college you had only seen in your dreams.

If you want an accurate translation of your certificate, then get in touch with a reliable agency that can provide you with certified translations at affordable rates. All the good translation agencies can provide you with the translation within a few hours if you need it urgently without charging you extra for the emergency situations. So choose the right translation agency and enjoy the error-free translation of all your documents.


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