Choosing eyeglasses that suit your personality and lifestyle


Indeed, most of the people generally recognize others by their face; the glasses they wear are part of their personality.

Whether you want to look sophisticated, fun, young, conservative, or style-conscious, the right glasses can help you shape your perception. And if you choose to wear just one pair of glasses for everything you do, that says a lot about you!

What do your glasses say about you?

Glasses can help people see the right side of yourself or help create the image you want to see in them. The primary key is to find the right frames for your personality and lifestyle.

The first step, according to eye design experts, is to consider the different aspects of your life. For example, what is your job? And when you’re not at work, what kind of hobbies or other activities do you or what activities do you enjoy?

Perhaps you are an active outdoor enthusiast, a busy mom, a retired older person, or a student? Or maybe you are a creative person, like an artist or a writer.

Like most people, do you have a lifestyle that encompasses different activities, interests, and personality traits?

We can all benefit from more than one pair of glasses, just as we all need more than one pair of shoes. In general, wearing tennis shoes in a night outfit is a bad image. Wearing the wrong type of glasses can prove to be the same type of mistake.

Glasses for serious business

Overall, it’s best to stick with conservative frame colours and shapes to help inspire confidence in a wide variety of your clients and colleagues. Consider these options to enhance your professional image:

  • Titanium or stainless-steel frame materials are good options, as are borderless frame styles.
  • Classic shapes like ovals, rectangles, and almonds.
  • Traditional colours of black, silver, grey, and brown
  • In plastic frames, without bright colours or unusual shapes.

For colours, silver, bronze, brown, and black are generally good options because they pair well with a variety of business suits. Gold tones, turtle patterns, and espresso are excellent choices for men’s and women’s business clothing.

Choose from the online variety

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Eyeglasses for creative and fashion types

One way to show your creative and fashionista side is with modern and classic shapes in thicker and larger plastic frames.

Multi-coloured laminates are another possibility, as are the most striking colors (blue or purple, for example).

Another popular fashion option is the retro or vintage frame styles. Updated versions of classic frame shapes with fresh colours, materials, and finishes never seem out of date.


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