City Seeks to Award Grants


The City of Sisters is seeking to award grants to non-profit community groups and other entities that meet the grant criteria for the 2018-19 fiscal year, beginning July 1.  The City will award up to a total of $20,000 in grants for Sisters community projects. Interested organizations should submit a Community Grant application (available on the City’s website or at City Hall) and letter of interest by Friday July 27, , attention Kerry Prosser, City Recorder.  For information contact Kerry Prosser at 541-323-5213 or by e-mail at

It is the policy of the City of Sisters to provide assistance to non-profits and for profit entities and organizations, who serve the Sisters community.

Community entities and organizations that serve the Sisters community, but are not designated non-profits, will need to meet at least one of the following criteria to be eligible for a grant:

Provides assistance for essential utilities, food, medical needs, clothing or shelter.

Provides educational or recreational opportunities for children or seniors.

Generates/supports economic activity in Sisters.

In evaluating requests from non-profits and for-profit entities and organizations the City will consider the following:
The requesting organization’s history of success.
The organizational and financial stability of the requesting organization.
The number and types of community members served by the request.
The ability to measure and track the effectiveness of the project or service.
Community grant funds will not be used for travel, budget deficits or for routine operating expenses.

For more information on community grants please contact:  the City Recorder at  or 541-323-5213


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