How Cloud Computing is Changing the Entire Business World


Every so often something comes along that revolutionises a particular aspect of life or in fact life itself: fire, the wheel, the gun, the car, antibiotics, Harry Potter, and now cloud computing. Cloud computing software is literally (and I literally only use that word when it’s literally true) revolutionising the business world, and of course by extension the real world. It’s still in its relative infancy, despite being quite old (technically being created in the 1960s), so what I mean by that is that it is only just reaching its stride and the possibilities for its evolution seem endless at this point. I thought I would go through a few of the ways that it is actively morphing business as we know it.

I don’t mean it’s creating competitive jealousy that’s leading to rival businesses trying to get the latest software to ‘one up’ their competitors, no; Cloud computing is a lot greener, ecologically, than the alternative of keeping all of the hardware for a business at the business premises. Now obviously the cloud’s infrastructure is hidden away somewhere (my guess is Area 52 – 51’s less well known cousin) so you might think that it’s just making individual businesses greener, but not the world … you are wrong. Cloud computing allows businesses to use what they need when they need it instead of a permanent energy usage, which means a greener world so that polar bears don’t drown.

Increase in Small Business Capabilities
When an SME uses the cloud they can achieve greater heights then a competitor who doesn’t. Before the cloud it was only the larger businesses who could afford the massive infrastructure. Now smaller businesses can keep up, technologically speaking, with the big competition, which creates more dynamic industries.

Gone are the days when everyone is stuck in one physical location trying to make small talk about weekends and feigning interest in other people’s kids (heads up to people who have kids, literally no one cares … at all). Cloud computing has allowed businesses to break free from the shackles of a physical realm and exist purely on the digital highway. It’s is entirely possible to run a profitable company from your bedroom.

Keeps Companies Current
With the cloud, acompany’s infrastructure is constantly kept up-to-date. Before the cloud, IT departments would spend hours of their time updating and constantly trying to keep the company relevant in regards to its competitors. With the cloud it’s all done for them.

In the past a security breach of your company’s infrastructure could well have meant the end of your business (depending on the severity of the breach), but with the cloud, it is extremely difficult to hack due to the lack of vulnerable devices and networks … unless you’re a female celebrity with nude pictures on their phone. This added level of security is probably why hosting companies like are doing so well and leading these types of companies to become a major industry in themselves.

What do you think, did I use the title as simple clickbait or is cloud computing really changing the world as we know it?


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