Common Issues Often Overlooked by Business IT Networks


While many IT networks are simple, they do require significant planning to maintain and ensure stability. Unfortunately, there are still many businesses out there that don’t understand the imperative role that networking plays when it comes to the efficient function of their company.

Technology has improved and today, there are more tools available, such as Papertrail, than ever before, making networking and managing these network solutions simple. While this is true, there are still some business entrepreneurs who fail to upgrade their systems to better meet their company’s needs.

While network solutions as a whole are ignored by many businesses, even those that invest in some solutions may not do enough. Some of the most neglected areas of business networks can be found here.


Disaster Recovery

While many entrepreneurs are risk takers, they also provide for all contingencies. They purchase insurance against things such as natural disasters, theft, fire and more; however, they often forget to implement a disaster recovery solution for client data, employee payroll and financial records.

The loss of valuable customer information due to a fire would probably result in short-term chaos for most businesses and be a financial drain. As a result, it’s imperative to have some type of disaster recovery plan in place to restore operation quickly.


While most businesses are advised to maintain a redundant or alternate source of power for their critical servers, there are many entrepreneurs that ignore this simple, yet important, prevention method just to save a few hundred dollars.

For example, the servers that process your customer’s credit card transactions are not exempt from the possibility of failure. If these aren’t backed up by some type of redundant power source, it can lead to a significant financial loss. Don’t let this happen by implementing a redundant plan.

Network Security

If you work in the realm of internet and computers, then you know that viruses are not uncommon. Unfortunately, there are some businesses that have servers on DMZ and no security measures (not even a firewall) in place. There are other businesses that give employees full access to the network server, and the ability to run virus laden programming.

While one result of this could be a slow network, in most situations, a more serious issue would be a virus that steals private information. A great way to avoid this situation is by implementing an impermeable network security plan. This will reduce the risk of viruses causing chaos to a business.

Network Speed

Most businesses are focused on maximizing their productivity and efficiency at the lowest cost possible. What better way to do this than reduce the likelihood of employees wasting time.

There are several factors that impact the speed of an IT network. You may even be surprised to learn that network infrastructure cabling (i.e. fiber optics, Cat 6, Cat 5, etc.) also significantly impact the performance of a network.



Do your current network solutions give you the option of expanding what’s currently in place? For example, what if your storage requirements for data increase? You need to discuss the options of expansion with your network solutions provider to ensure their IT system will be right for your needs for at least three to five years in the future.

The goal here is to minimize the amount you spend, without impacting the quality of work done by your employees.

Running a business is challenging. However, when you know some of the most commonly overlooked parts of business IT networks, you can ensure you don’t make critical mistakes that may cost your company.


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