How Your Company Benefits From A Great Employee Monitoring Software


To run a company successfully and efficiently, it’s team leaders and managers need to know what is happening in the company at a workforce level.

They need to understand not only what employees are doing, but also what problems and challenges they face everyday.

However, micro-managing staff can have negative effects, especially in the areas of trust and autonomy.

This is where employee monitoring software can be more advantageous than using overly zealous managers.

The Main Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

Monitoring employees can provide some unexpected benefits, both to the company and employees themselves.

  1. Communication – It may seem strange to have communication as the first benefit, but hear us out. When a manager is informed about all that is happening via monitoring software, they can then selectively communicate what is important, instead of wasting time trying to find out the current updated situation.
  2. Performance – When staff knows that their actions are recorded and monitored, even in a relaxed way, they are often more focused and productive. It also helps to prevent or reduce time wasted on social media or other applications that aren’t work related.
  3. Performance Reviews – The statistics provided can help management to improve performance of staff with effective performance reviews and accurate training. Staff can also use the information to organise their work better.
  4. Cost Cutting – Reduced outgoings for overtime and excessive break usage. All will be monitored automatically and those abusing their situation will be highlighted to management.
  5. Reward – Monitoring is not a negative process for anyone that does their job well. In fact, it can help management to reward those that take less breaks, don’t waste time, or are highly productive at work. This can be a useful tool for annual bonuses, pay rises, or other reward systems.
  6. Reduced Risk – By preventing or alerting the installation of bad software or connecting to potentially dangerous websites. Often data breaches are caused by staff error, not normally intentionally, but via these type of activities.
  7. Error Reduction – The employee monitoring software can alert staff and management to errors or issues immediately, before they progress further and become costly mistakes.
  8. Protection – By controlling the use of resources at work, or on private devices, employees are also protected against accidentally breaking the law or infecting devices with malware.
  9. Fix Bottlenecks – With time management monitoring and project management combined, process bottlenecks can be highlighted and fixed. This improves processes and worklife of employees.
  10. Perfect Flexible Working – Monitored employment can also allow staff more flexibility. By assessing productivity and time management, employees can be allowed more freedom, flexible contracts, or even remote working arrangements.

All of the above are major benefits to any company’s operation, but there are also a lot of positive impacts on the lives of employees.


Informed management means that they don’t need to chase and nitpick every little issue. Instead they can raise urgent issues and then feedback other areas/issues via performance reports or even feedback emails.

This feedback can also include all of the positive things the employee has done during the review period and can be both motivational and constructive to those employees that want to grow.

Surprisingly, employee monitoring is not only useful for managing a business, but also works for increasing the quality of life for employees.

This goes even further as stresses are reduced, while more autonomy and flexibility is introduced into the workflows, allowing a company and its staff to progress in a more dynamic and modern way.

Would you use employee monitoring software? Your employees might just thank you for making the change.


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