Connecting to Your Customers Through Social Media


There’s no denying that global social media has fundamentally changed the way that businesses connect to their customers. Where once social media was merely a tool for people to share pictures of their cats, it’s now transformed into an international force that most companies worth their salt use as an extension of their brand and their communications with their customers, and can be used for more than just playing real money online pokies or Facebook games.

Social media can be tricky, however; we’ve seen plenty of franchises burn themselves for making the wrong moves when it comes to dealing with real problems that a customer may face. One way to get around this is by utilising the many platforms out there like a pro to ensure that the customer is always in the know.

Opinions Matter

With the actual marketing aside, there are few better ways of gaining the general opinion of a customer base than with the use of social media, and this information can make a huge difference in how the customer views your company as an entity. Opinions are free and require very little context, meaning that a general idea and understanding of the likes and dislikes of the customers can be ascertained by simply putting out a survey or by leaving comments open on a new post. The fans of what you’re selling will make their voices heard, and those that have had any problems with it will be able to communicate with you directly on what may be the issue, while you can simultaneously transcribe some possible solutions.

Broadcasting Appreciation

One of the best ways of hitting a bull’s-eye with customer happiness at a higher level is by constantly making sure that they are important to you, and that you appreciate their support. On top of this, it can give you an edge over any competitors: selling a service or product isn’t simply about the service delivery being offered, but how the customers feel about you as a company overall. Being active on social media, interacting with fans, and generally providing an open, transparent relationship can make all the difference. You can check up on how they’re doing and what they’re busying themselves with, be it simple updates, or their latest blackjack online progress.

Solving Issues Quickly

Questions and complaints are something that will arise almost every day, and being able to solve them in an efficient manner is a brilliant way of gaining the trust and support of both existing and potential customers. Turning an unhappy customer into a satisfied one takes some time and patience to get right, but it can ultimately be worth it, especially if it eventually starts to make customers share your posts and products/services to more people, increasing brand awareness and ensuring that potential buyers know that you’re serious.

Staying Original

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that companies make on their social media platforms is being as generic as the next company, and this is a good way to keep potential fans from scrolling by. Rather invest the time and gain some insight into the way things work in order to make all your online content as original as possible, ensuring that that each post is original enough to draw in crowds.


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